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FDF Volume 4 Issue 305 - Caesars - 39 Minutes of Bliss (In and Otherwise Meaningless World)

Album – 39 Minutes of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)
Artist - Caesars
Key Players – Joakim Ahlund – guitar and vocals. Cesar Vidal – vocals and guitar. David Lindquist – bass. Nino Keller – drums and vocals.

Produced By - Klaus Ahlund

Release Date – April 21, 2003

Overview - The band hails from Sweden and this is their third release. This is actually a compilation album that was created for the US and UK markets.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - As the album title suggests the album is (just shy) of 39 Minutes. The 12 tracks blend buzzy guitars, break neck drum tempos, churning and melodic bass lines to
farfisa  laiden tracks. The vocals go on the attack and have the quick bounce on tracks like (Lets go Parking Baby). The song they are most wildly known for (heck it gets played in sporting areana now (Jerk it Out) grabs you right away with that haunting farfisa. The drums towards the tail end and then the farfisa comes back are terrific. “Crackin up” has a cool bass line and the Zappa nod on “Suzy Creamcheese” is a nice touch. Since you've been gone has the three vocal parts working well and shows the softer side of the band. The entire album can be sampled on their YouTube Channel

Where are they now? The band is still together, although they are on hiatus.

FDF Overall Take – There are few gems on here, but its feels the same more often than not. Songs like Jerk It Out are standouts for sure and if it was all like that it would be gold. Few things here and there keep it interesting, but nothing would pull most back for a constant re-listen.
Amazon has a hook up if you need it!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little change up....

Greetings kind readers.

Decided to do a little change in and around these parts. Forgotten Disc Friday has been around for a number of years and we passed the 300th post a few weeks ago. I am proud of what has happened here, even if the spelling or grammar doesn't make sense. The idea was just as the banner said, go back to the cs you bought and give them another front to back spin. During that time only one artist appeared twice.

That is one thing that is going to change.

Few of the things you may see that will change:

I'll be checking in with other releases from some of the earlier posts on the blog. For every band that seemed to have one release and then disappear there were bands with a few releases that might not be as well known as others. When the mood strikes, which I hope is more often than not, I'll write about that. Trying to keep weekly content can be a struggle.

I am going to cut way back on the track by track breakdown. If something stands out I'll mention it, but that is where the bulk of the work takes place. I feel I can get to more releases if I can write notes, then type, vs having a screen up and type as the record is playing.

I'll skip the reason I “blew the dust off”. I don't think people cared why I dug said release out.

Same holds true for my live experience with the band. I don't think most readers care that I went to see a band live.

I'll still have links to bands web sites and will probably add FB and Twitter (especially if the band is still active).

YouTube has been the vehicle for folks to hear the music and that will remain. I had mp3's up in the past, but the download rate was VERY low on it and I actually got TWO cease and desist orders. It is not worth the hassle of that. I've always felt that if I've piqued interest enough the reader will go search things out.

Nothing too wild, just need to change it up some and take the pressure out of it. The idea is to have it fun. There have been many a mid week where I’ve stared at the collection and wondered “what the heck am I going to do?”

Thank you for reading, stopping over, commenting, rolling your eyes, saying “who the f**k is ____?” Writing for myself is fine, but knowing at least ONE person loaded the page is validation enough.

If there is an artist you are curious about, or if you disagree with this change (heck or want to see more/less of something) please drop a line. Getting a comment that is not spam is sort of a thrill.
You should see the change with tomorrows pick.
Warmest regards to you!

Friday, May 17, 2013

FDF Volume 4 Issue 304 - Tuscadero - The Pink Album

Album – The Pink Album
Artist - Tuscadero
Key Players - Melissa Farris – vocals, guitar, organ. Margaret McCartney – vocals, guitar. Phil Satlof – bass, piano. Jack Hornady – drums.

Produced By - Various producers
Release Date – November 28, 1994

What caused me to blow off the dust? - For some reason recently I was thinking of this band. Its the lone cd, or anything, I have from them. Saw them live, loved the set, bought the cd. Its been a long time though since I played this one.

Overview – Hailing from Washington DC, and yes, named for Fonzie's (Happy Days) girlfriend, Tuscadero was slowly being built as the next big thing in the early 90's of the powerful female band/singer. After a string of singles the band would release this record, then be signed to a major, and dropped soon after.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The twelve song album opens with “Heat Lightin”. Hornady rolls across the drums before the guitar comes up. The verse is just a lone vocal before the full band comes in around the chorus. The vocals have a bit of a whine to them (think the higher vocals on the B-52's records). The guitars have a great fuzzy tone and Hornady is capable on the drums, keeping things tight and on track. The buzzy exit from the song almost has you wishing the whole thing had this tone, but thats okay. “Candy Song” starts off slowly before the the fuzzed out band comes in. Satlof seems more active on the bass here, but Hornady is in no rush. The vocals are pushed more as the track goes and it adds to the intensity of the music. A solid track “Game Song” has a fun intro with a surf like feel and the guitars blend that mixture of fuzzy meets slightly out of tune for a quirky but cool sound. (the guitars are not out of tune, but you get an odd sound from them). We cool it down with a slower intro (quiet too) as “Latex Dominatrix” begins. The song has a laid back, but its the first one where you hear the harmonies of Farris and McCartney. Up to this point they've largely sung on their own. The song keeps feeling like it should take off, but keeps the fuzzy and almost monotone feel throughout. Fitting right in to the sound of the 90's is “Just My Size”. This is the sound and feel I wish the whole record was. The band has the talent and chops to write hooks, and this is a great example.  “Dime a Dozen” has a totally different sound, like a production team was different. Hornady roll across the drums as the ladies sing in unison, only broken with a few guitar chords. It has a fun feel to it and the guitars get going some as the track moves on, and the end is a great payoff as we get our first “guitar solo” which is a nice change of pace. “Lovesick” has a darker feel to it but Satlof pushes the bass line some but everyone feels a bit hesitant to take off. The guitars seem to battle off each other. The ladies do a nice job mixing the layers which is nice. The rocking stuff is back on “Mt. Pleasant”. This is where the band shines to me. The lyrics are a bit more brash, the guitars a bit louder. It just makes for a better record. I wish there was more like this. We get the lone guitar intro on “Nancy Drew” and the drums come rolling under it and there are snare strikes as everyone comes in. We are quick, but cleaner on this one than”Mt Pleasant”. Nice 1-2 punch on these tracks. The poppy guitars that mix that fuzzy undertone. “Hollywood Handsome” could be placed on any 90's sampler and be right in place. The song that sold me on them, headed to the merch booth at the end of their set was “Leather Idol”. The guitars on this are perfect, the walking bass line, the clean and tight drums. There is just something about this tune that strikes me, to this day. The album concludes with “Crayola” a solid rocker that blends the pop and fuzzy qualities that make this record so enjoyable.

Where are they now? - The band released a major label release, and it flopped. End of story sadly.
They did reform in 1998 for a one off show to celebrate Teen Beat, the label that released this record, and that was it.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – in looking at my live archive list I don't see them listed, but I KNOW I saw them live since I bought the cd at the show. It may have been a Weezer show, that seems to make the most sense. Anyone have any ideas who they may have toured with?

FDF Overall Take – As a capture in time this record is pretty spot on for what was going on in the early 1990's. Some of it hasn't aged the best, but what has aged well is very solid. This might be hard to track down, but if you are a fan of female led, buzzy early 90's rock this is for you.

There is not a ton out there but their page on their label's site is pretty extensive

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

Leather Idol
Game Song
Mt. Pleasant   (Live)

Use the link above to try to track down a physical copy if you desire.

Disclaimer – I am just a music fan. Feel free to comment about something that may be written incorrectly about the band/members etc. I strive to have a fun and enjoyable site. This site used to post mp3s but ran in to many issues. The audio clips provided are usually from YouTube. No copy write infringement is intended. Please alert me if something should be pulled. Finally, support the artist featured, or your favorite artist by purchasing their music, seeing their shows if possible and saying hi. They need your support.

Friday, May 10, 2013

FDF Volume 4 Issue 303 - Nudeswirl - Nudeswirl

Album – Nudeswirl
Artist - Nudeswirl

Key Players - Diz Cortright – guitar. Shame M. Green – guitar, vocals. Woody Newland – drums. Christopher Wargo – bass, vocals.

Produced By - Nudeswirl

Release Date - 1993

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Oh, like you've heard of em before and listen every day.

Overview – This New Jersey based band was formed in 1988 and would be signed to Megaforce records (label for this release). They'd release this album in 1993. The band would blend metal with some psych rock. They'd get some press in major magazines, play with bands like Rob Zombie and even have a side stage slot on Lollapalooza in 92. This would be their lone full length. As time has passed the band has had their praises sung from The Edge of U2 to the band Tool.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 12 track, just shy of 60 minute album starts off with “Gordon's Corner”. A fuzzed out bass brings back every “grunge” sound you've heard. The twin guitars of Green and Cortright slowly bring up the pace and Newland gets it all going hard. It is a tight sounding tune, solid mix with each instrument standing out. Green doesn't sing until about the 1:30 mark and he has a strong baritone voice that can still hit the high range. Wargo offers harmonies on the chorus that fill out the sound more. Cortright takes a longer guitar solo on the back end, but the layers are there to keep the whole band active and interesting. A solid and heavy album opener. The track “F Sharp” was released as a single and it has one of the coolest riffs to open any track (hell sporting events??) Seriously, listen to the works. Wargo is fun to listen on this as he seems to toss some funk bass runs, but the guitars are up on you, and then when Newland gets over to the ride cymbal you are locked and loaded. I dare you not to air jam..go ahead..pick an instrument I'll wait. Nuff said, I know. We stay nice and big as “Sooner or Later” gets underway, but it still has some pull back on it. The band is full, but they ease back some vocally. It is not a ballad, but we are slower lyrically than we have been. Cortright has a longer solo and Wargo hits the drums equally as hard. The length of it is well suited for the track and they come back around for another run at a verse and chorus. Wargo is alone as “Disappear” starts up and then each member joins in. The guitars buzz and swirl over each other, but we are slower and “darker” here. Newland is easy on the drums, focusing on cymbal rolls and Wargo seems to be the lead. After the first verse the band gets a bit heavier with Cortright taking a more aggressive approach, and everyone is fine with that. We get heavier, just not quicker which continues to be a nice pattern the band utilizes. “Buffalo” is a romper of a tune. Wargo sets the tone but Green and Cortright are up the challenge and this is just one of those big sounding and feeling “rip” songs, its just good stuff. We keep the vibe going on “Potato Trip” another big riff and tightly drummed track. Great guitar solo too. We waste little time and Newland gets “Dogfood” rolling. Again the bass is just that perfect bit of heavy with punch and the two guitars layer just that right amount, not out dueling each other. “When I'm Dead” continues the drive. The band is very tight and as heavy as it is the sheer power weighs in. Few bands can capture both a heavy with power. Listen to the samples and you'll get it. “Now Nothing” has Wargo alone and at the start this is the lightest tune so far. As almost on cue though, don't let that fool you! “Three” is once again real heavy and Wargo has that great mix of tones on the bass. Green is really on task here, pushing everyone right along. The choppy guitar line on the back side is a cool touch that I haven't heard done very often. The guitar attack continues on “Damned” as the two are chopping away but Wargo has the melodic bass runs once again. The album concludes with “Ringworm”. We are not going anywhere new here, which is okay. Its just a heavy rocker, as expected. Good closer.

Where are they now? - The band broke up in 1995 after this release. The band members went on to other projects, but little seems to be found on them now. If anyone has updates, or anything to offer, please comment and I'd gladly update this site as a resource.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take – I will admit, for a long time I'd listen to “F-Sharp” and move on to something else. This whole thing is really pretty solid. Yeah its “grunge” but its not so beaten in to your heads you can appreciate what they are doing. (if you like the genre) Well worth trying to track down for a heavy, and just sonically satisfying listen.

About all that is out there is a myspace page
Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

F Sharp

Long out of print you can still find a copy here

Disclaimer – I am just a music fan. Feel free to comment about something that may be written incorrectly about the band/members etc. I strive to have a fun and enjoyable site. This site used to post mp3s but ran in to many issues. The audio clips provided are usually from YouTube. No copy write infringement is intended. Please alert me if something should be pulled. Finally, support the artist featured, or your favorite artist by purchasing their music, seeing their shows if possible and saying hi. They need your support.

Friday, May 03, 2013

FDF Volume 4 Issue 302 - Tortoise - TNT

Album - TNT
Artist - Tortoise

Key Players - Dan Bitney – bass, guitar, percussion, vibes, marimba. Doug McCombs – bass, guitar, lap steel. Jeff Parker – guitar, bass John Herndon – drums, vibes, keyboards. John McEntire – drums, synths, harpsichord, keyboards. David Pajo – guitars, bass

Produced By - John McEntire

Release Date – March 10, 1998

What caused me to blow off the dust? - This might be the most well known of all the bands releases. I just sometimes figure for the point of the site I am “obscure” to many, but if I focus on what might be see as one of the bands more widely know releases it may spark conversation.
Overview - This is Chicago based “post rock” band was formed in the early 1990's. The band, who is largely instrumental blend post rock with some jazz and electronica, but fans also see them a progressive rock band. Their blend of instruments and live performances started to get them noticed. Two bass players, a vibe player and stunning musicianship was what was needed to set them apart. This is their 3rd record.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – Clocking in at over 60 minutes the 12 track disc opens with the album title “TNT”. It starts like a jazz album as McEntire works all over the drum kit. It is not fast, but its methodical and as the guitar begin to come in the layers grown. McEntire starts to push the tempo some as others join in. Parker has a calming effect, but you can feel the tension. The melody fuses back and forth and you'll get a drone from a guitar, before a deeply toned keyboard run rides over the melody. It is a solid album opener, setting the tone to the listener of what is to come. “Swing from the Gutters” follows and finds Parker and Bitney at the start as McEntire slowly gets the drums going. The keyboards offer a haunting feel too. The bass is what drives this, a simple 2-3 note riff that plugs it forward. As the song continues it really blends in to the jazz and progressive realm. Not “proggy” in that “King Crimson” sense, but just very articulate time changes, and tempo. There is a lot to listen to, but its also easy to hear a lot of whats going on. “Ten-Day Interval” is a fun listen as the vibes, marimba and keyboards give a light layer. Has the sound of a track that might open a si-fi film. Minimalistic keyboard, but it has an “air” about it. When the piano comes in you feel a further layer and the bass rings in at times tossing in higher melodic chords. “I Set My Face to the Hillside” has the sounds of children playing in a park before a flamenco sounding guitar plays over it. After a few bars of that the kids remain in the background and the percussion instruments put down a quiet layer. The guitar goes to electric and continues with the keyboard portions. The complexity of the music is prevalent,but it is so simple at times. I keep saying “layers” but there is a lot of cool things going on here. The diversity continues as “A Simple Way to Go Faster” sounds like it could be used in a spy film. The guitars are my favorite part on this, with two of them pulling to and fro with the keyboards and bass. “Than Light that Does Not Work” (yes it is the real title) seems to slow it down. We have the play between the bass and guitars as the drums seem to be a little “busy”, but it keeps sort of a middle of the road pace. “The Suspension Bridge at Iguazu Falls” gets back to the jazz feel, probably due to the heavy marimba presence. They keyboards provide the second layer, but the guitar and drums all seem to look to find their place. Its convoluted, but together at the same time. The ancillary instruments continue to give the ears a lot to pay attention to, always doing something both interesting, but not overly complex. Something about this song, to these ears, have it be the stand out track showcasing everything this album does well. “Four-Day Interval” is a slower, darker sounding track with the slow build of keyboards and vibes repeating the same few notes. Single bass notes are struck as the layers swirl before a second keyboard breaks the melody off elsewhere. The longest titled track (and strangest) come in “In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men” starts off with sort of a quirky and fun guitar line over an equally as fun keyboard loop. The fun sort of gets old though as the shell doesn't seem to break when it should. There are various other things going on that keep you sidetracked enough though. They get their freak on later with some heavy stop starts keeping you on your toes. The track fades over to “Almost Always is Nearly Enough” and it tends to drift towards a low tempo techno song. The same looping keyboard line and then a second keyboard filled with samples and some electronic manipulation takes place. The track is shorter and cuts quick to “Jetty” a quicker paced song, that still is filled with spastic tempos and various instruments taking a short burst and stepping back. The album concludes with “Everglade” a similar sounding track that keeps you firmly in place.

Where are they Now? - This version of the group is still together. The band is busy with side projects and producing. The last full length from the band was in 2009. They do tour from time to time as well, but mostly at their casual pace. David Pajo, who was involved with the project left shortly after. He has worked as a touring musician in Smashing Pumpkins to Interpol to Yeah Yeah Yeahs. He performs under the moniker Papa M as well.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I have only seen the band once. July 5, 2007 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The review I did for my other blog can be found here.

FDF Overall Take – I often think back to the line I heard years ago about an album like this. It read similar to “Not something you'd put on to get the party started, but an album for the hangers on to sit back and enjoy”. It is true here. Its a complex at times record, but its also a fun listen. There is just a lot going on and while it may sit on the background at times, it will reach out. This is one record for sure you could put on and have people ask “who is this” more out of curiosity and not anger. Fly and play this release with pride.


Band page  (Label/ThrillJockey)

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!
TNT  (Studio Version)
TNT  (Live this time)
Ten Day Interval  ( this one if you watch/listen to any)
The Suspension Bridge at Iguazu Falls (live in studio) Stellar also.
You can get it off the Thrill Jockey Link, the band link, or

Disclaimer – I am just a music fan. Feel free to comment about something that may be written incorrectly about the band/members etc. I strive to have a fun and enjoyable site. This site used to post mp3s but ran in to many issues. The audio clips provided are usually from YouTube. No copy write infringement is intended. Please alert me if something should be pulled. Finally, support the artist featured, or your favorite artist by purchasing their music, seeing their shows if possible and saying hi. They need your support.