Thursday, May 23, 2013

A little change up....

Greetings kind readers.

Decided to do a little change in and around these parts. Forgotten Disc Friday has been around for a number of years and we passed the 300th post a few weeks ago. I am proud of what has happened here, even if the spelling or grammar doesn't make sense. The idea was just as the banner said, go back to the cs you bought and give them another front to back spin. During that time only one artist appeared twice.

That is one thing that is going to change.

Few of the things you may see that will change:

I'll be checking in with other releases from some of the earlier posts on the blog. For every band that seemed to have one release and then disappear there were bands with a few releases that might not be as well known as others. When the mood strikes, which I hope is more often than not, I'll write about that. Trying to keep weekly content can be a struggle.

I am going to cut way back on the track by track breakdown. If something stands out I'll mention it, but that is where the bulk of the work takes place. I feel I can get to more releases if I can write notes, then type, vs having a screen up and type as the record is playing.

I'll skip the reason I “blew the dust off”. I don't think people cared why I dug said release out.

Same holds true for my live experience with the band. I don't think most readers care that I went to see a band live.

I'll still have links to bands web sites and will probably add FB and Twitter (especially if the band is still active).

YouTube has been the vehicle for folks to hear the music and that will remain. I had mp3's up in the past, but the download rate was VERY low on it and I actually got TWO cease and desist orders. It is not worth the hassle of that. I've always felt that if I've piqued interest enough the reader will go search things out.

Nothing too wild, just need to change it up some and take the pressure out of it. The idea is to have it fun. There have been many a mid week where I’ve stared at the collection and wondered “what the heck am I going to do?”

Thank you for reading, stopping over, commenting, rolling your eyes, saying “who the f**k is ____?” Writing for myself is fine, but knowing at least ONE person loaded the page is validation enough.

If there is an artist you are curious about, or if you disagree with this change (heck or want to see more/less of something) please drop a line. Getting a comment that is not spam is sort of a thrill.
You should see the change with tomorrows pick.
Warmest regards to you!


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