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FDF Volume 1: Issue 60: Lenny Kravitz - Circus

Album - Circus
Artist - Lenny Kravitz
Key Players - Lenny Kravitz does it all (bass,guitar,drums) on the bulk of the tracks. Craig Ross plays guitar on a fair # of tracks.

Produced By - Lenny Kravitz

Release Date - September 12, 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Being a fan of his music there was a few to choose. For some reason when the time came I was drawn to this album. No real reason, other than I felt like giving Lenny a listen again.

Overview - This is the 4th studio album from Lenny Kravitz. The album was a little different than his previous records as it had some heavier religious overtones. His debut went Gold, and this album went gold but the two in between each sold over 2 million copies each (Gold in the USA is 500,000 sold)

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The album opens up with one of the more well known Kravitz tracks "Rock And Roll Is Dead". Its a straight up rocking tune that asks the very question, or states that rock and roll is dead. For the bulk of the album Lenny plays all the instruments, which is quite a feat, but none of the drum, bass or guitar parts are over the top. They all do their "part" if you will. "Circus" opens with a single guitar that leads to a bass and drum beat. Its a much slower track than the opening track but Lenny is in fine voice on the track. Opening with a very "John Bohnam" esq drum beat "Beyond The 7th Sky" hits down hard. A single chord on guitar strums over the drum tempo and first verse of vocals. The are some pretty slick bass riffs towards the end, but the drums are really the showcase, again as simple as they are. The blistering "Tunnel Vision" follows. Hands down a top 10 song I have seen performed live (see the personal comments). The guitars are crunchy and there is a slight compression on the vocals. The bass pretty much takes the lead on this track. The guitar has a little more "waka-waka" wah wah pedal to it. The are some synths as well. The one semi-dud to the track is the guitar breakdown towards the end. Its slows the groove, but the drums bring it all back in for the second part of the guitar solo. Live, this track has some great horns. "Can't Get You Off My Mind" is the ballad, love song dujour on the record. This particular track was a single from the album and garnered some radio play. Opens with a dual electric and acoustic guitar and simple drum beat. The song is about the woe's of the road, or whatever else the listener wants it to be. Look at the title of the song! A little past the half way point a hidden gem of a Kravitz song lies in "Magdalene". There is something about this track that is infectious. Not sure if its the rhythm section or how he sings the line "She wears the pants on her hips to looooooooooow". Its got a great summer time groove to it. "God Is Love" opens with Lenny singing the words via a heavily processed microphone. Sounds a little like he is singing down a tube as well. Its a mellow, trippy track, that personally I find to be "skippable". "Thin Ice" is another heavy drum driven track. This track has a great funk feel to it with the bass and drums complimenting one another well. Never thought you'd hear this but "Don't Go And Put A Bullet In Your Head" opens musically like a lounge song. Its got canned back beats and a slow guitar chime underneath. Its a slower tune with some organ work as well. Nothing really flashy or ground breaking going on other wise. "In My Life Today" leads off with a solo acoustic guitar before the band comes in. A very psychadellic sounding track it is one of the longest tracks on the record as well clocking in over 6 minutes. Lenny has a lot of emotion in his voice on this track. The chorus is a great "sing along" chorus. Towards the end Lenny sings out the "today" line with a lot of phase on the vocal. He holds the note for a fair amount of time too. Personally, its a 'scan back' moment on the track, i could listen that one part over and over again. The album closes with "The Resurrection" which slowly fades up with acoustic guitar. After a little bit the drums come seemingly out of now where and hit down hard. Its got a very "Led Zeppelin feel" at times. As the song grows to a close Lenny emotes a lot more vocally. What may have bored the listener at the start should now have their attention.

Where are they now? - A new album is due on November of 2007. Lenny has also recently begun work with a design firm.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Lenny does put on a great live show. The first live show I saw with him was February 9, 1996 in the pretty small, Orpheum Theater in Boston. I will never forget the live version of "Tunnel Vision" that was probably 15 minutes long and it slayed. The second time was May 28,1999 at the Tweeter Center. The thing that stands out about that show, besides it being the first concert i went to since my daughter was born was that during the closing tune "Are you Gonna Go My Way" the lights began to fade up in the venue then the power was cut. I made a b-line for the door at that point. I didn't want to be in some sort of melee (nothing happened)

FDF Overall Take - Like him or not Lenny is a pretty talented guy. Paul McCartney used to do the bulk of the work on "Wings" albums, and the same holds true for Stevie Wonder on his records, but for Lenny he just gets pigeonholed as some "classic rock knock off". As stated earlier, is the stuff overly "complex" no, is it fun and fits his sound? Sure. The peaks and valleys of this record are many. The good songs are good the not so good songs are not so good (talk about being vague). For the casual fan a "best of" collection will do the trick.

Lenny's myspacepage

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

These are using a new mp3 host. These tracks are from MTV Unplugged (all acoustic) the version of all along the watchtower is from the "Concert of the Century". Its a great version w/Eric Clapton.

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Are you gonna go my way
Let Love Rule
Always on the Run
My Precious Love
Fly Away
All Along the Watchtower

Again, new host so if there are issues fire away in the comments.

One place you can buy the cd is

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FDF Volume 1: Issue 59: Kyuss - ...and the circus leaves town

Album ...And the Circus Leaves Town
Artist - Kyuss
Key Players - John Garcia - vocals, Josh Homme -guitars and bkg vocals, Scott Reeder - bass, Alfredo Hernández - Drums
Produced By - Chris Goss

Release Date July 11, 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Not even really sure what caused me to grab this. Going back and listening all over again each of the Kyuss cds have gotten fresh spins.

Overview - This was the final studio release from Southern California "stoner rock" band, Kyuss. The band would gain critical acclaim with each release and slowly gain a more mainstream audience. The band would have a revolving door of members for most of their existence.

FDF Comments (aka the songs)
- "Hurricane" doesn't keep the listener in suspense long as to what their sound is about. Quick drum work on the kit followed by heavily distorted bass and guitars bring the track up. Garcia has a voice that meshes well with the songs. A flashy vocalist he is not, but that would not fit well with what is going on behind him in the band. Reeder shines on this track with some John Entwistle like bass riffs. "One Inch Man" (John Garcia/Scott Reeder) - 3:30 the closest thing to a "radio single" you'd hear from Kyuss. The bass riff on this track is a lot of fun, you may even find yourself singing just that part of the song. Homme unleashes a trade-mark riff as well on guitar. "Thee Ol' Boozeroony" is an instrumental track and Homme is in great form here. The band shows their chops at their respective instruments. The bass swoops with rock bottom authority really letting the crunchy guitar work pull to the front.. Personally a whole album like this would be great. . "Gloria Lewis" comes up with tom-tom drums and a swampy guitar. The sound hearkens of course from Black Sabbath but you can see where Soundgarden got and shared some it its sound. The vocal track will change speakers from time to time giving the listener a sense of imbalance. "Phototropic" fads slowly up with a mash of delay/chorus effect on the instrument. It has a haunting feel before the drums drop in to give it the back beat. The bass hits a nice groove carving its own place. The song almost remains and instrumental but the vocals come in over 2 minutes after the song as started. "El Rodeo" has Homme doing what feels like "noodling" on the guitar. After a few bars Reeder comes in on bass and sets a swooping groove down. Homme and Reeder do a little tag team and then Alfredo comes in. After a few bars the bands drops the hammer and the song just erupts. "Jumbo Blimp Jumbo" is the second instrumental on the album. The guitar almost sounds like Homme can't get the connections right but the bass comes in and the guitar snuggles underneath that and the drums. "Tangy Zizzle" opens up with what sounds a lot like and answering machine message. This song is very heavy when the band comes in. Its the classic Kyuss sounds of crunch meets fuzz meets metal. "Size Queen" is pretty slow for a Kyuss song. The song slowly churns along with very subtle and muffled vocals from Garcia before the band takes it down a level to bass rumbling sub bomb dropping level. This bass will shake your soul. It repeats the formula and the latter half of the track just freaking bashes you to bits. The track fades down and then right up to "Catamaran". This appears to be a light and airy song with less "heaviness" at the outset, but don't let that fool you it gets heavy all over again. The album closes with a 34 minute long track. The first song or part is called "Spaceship Landing" and would be the perfect album closer. It has all the elements of the great Kyuss sound and it could have ended here..but... this is followed by 22 minutes of silence. So if you are in a rush to hear the "last" track hold down the FF button to about 32:15 for "Day One". On the way to "day one" there is a few second "musical chant" of some sort that is hardly worth stopping for. Finally you are greeted with a booming bass riff. The vocals are very computerized as well as heavily processed but it has a cool sound. The song is just bass, guitar and vocals, it is a drum free track

Where are they now? Of all the members Josh Homme has had the most prolific and mainstream success. Josh went on to form
Queens of the Stone Age and they have just released their 5th album Era Vulgaris. John Garcia formed Slo Burn and since then has worked as a collaborator on some projects and is currently working on a solo record slated for a 2007 release. Scott Reeder formed Unida with Garcia but that lasted only one album. Reeder also auditioned to be the bassist for Metallica in 2002. He continues to write and record with his most recent effort being released in 2006. Alfredo played only on this Kyuss album and also played on Queens of the Stone Ages' debut. He continues to work as a session drummer.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - I'll be first to admit I was a late comer to Kyuss. I never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take - The band took their name from a Dungeons and Dragons character so you'd imagine it to be dark, mysterious and well..a little geeky. The band is also is seen as one of the groundbreaking acts in the "stoner rock" genre (which most in the genre hate being called). The production is slick, there was some good experimentation on this record but it kept close to the Kyuss sound. It is a great record that has closed out their short, but very important, time together. The band is "supposedly" on just an extended hiatus and rumor has it there are dozens of unreleased tracks that could, one day, see the light of day.

Links has a Kyuss page you can check out here

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Thee Ol' Boozeroony
El Rodeo

You can buy the cd here
or here

This weeks bonus download.

Circolo Delgi Artisti, Rome, Italy
February 21, 1995

not the best sounding show but gives you an idea of why they had a reputation as a great live band.

Also there is a scan of the front and back art for this cdhere. Resize do your thing..whatever.

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FDF Volume 1: Issue 58: Bob Mould - Black Sheets of Rain

Album - Black Sheets of Rain
Artist - Bob Mould
Key Players - Bob Mould - guitars,vocals,keyboard,percussion. Anton Fier - drums,percussion. Tony Maimone - bass
Produced By - Bob Mould

Release Date - May 1990

What caused me to blow off the dust?
- A co-worked mentioned Bob a few weeks back and it got me to thinking it had been a bit since I listened to "any" Bob Mould.

Overview - This was the second solo disc for Bob Mould after his previous band Husker Du disbanded. Bob would continue to develop as a solo artist with this record scoring a moderate college radio hit with "It's Too Late".

FDF Comments (aka the songs)
- Bob wastes little time in getting heavier sound out. The title track "Black Sheets of Rain" opens the record. The guitar is heavy, punchy and crystal clear all at the same time. The bass and drums are mixed well and fill out the sound well. This is a headhone track for sure, you really hear a lot going on from just three guys. Bob sings with urgency and his voice strains a little on the highnotes, but much like his guitar playing, his vocals are trademark. There is a short guitar solo but the bass remains high in the mix without flashing over the solo. A second, and longer, solo appears and Bob is really hammering down. The solo is quick, and seems pretty busy with a few runs of a lot of notes but overall it is a perfect solo. As the song begins to come to a conclusion there is a lot of guitar work under the vocals. An obvious overdub but still, it all meshes perfect. "Stand Guard" picks up where we left off. Heavy guitar over a basic 4/4 drum line. Bob has a lot more urgency in his voice on this track and the band really clicks on this track. This track is a perfect introduction toBob and his sound, it has it all. When one hears "It's Too Late" it is not to hard to see how, or why this was picked as a radio single. It is much "lighter" than the previous two tracks. Fading up with a single, semi crunched, guitar the bass and drums queue it all togther. Bob has a little more subdued vocal part and this is the fist track that has some harmonies with the other members. There are "oohs and ahhs" over Bobs chorus. This is about a "pop song" as it gets from Bob. A stand out track that should be on any 1990's retrospective collection that could be considered a legit 90's retrospective. "One Good Reason" returns to be a little more dark. The music is heavier once more and the vocals a little more gruff. Rat a tat drums open "Stop Your Crying" which follows with some crunchy guitar. Bob sings the verse a little more "laid back" than previous tracks. That doesn't last as Bob has all but a freak out during the second part of the track. "Hanging Tree" begins with some single bass notes and acoustic guitar. After a few bars it slaps all together. Per the norm there is a great guitar solo and the bass and drums take a backseat and let the guitar work ebb and flow over the top of it all. "The Last Night" is another "slower" track using ride cymbal right up to acoustic guitar and Bob. Slow is a hard word to use on this record, but it is a break from the rocking speed we have gotten to this point. Bob sings wonderfully on "Hear Me Calling". A great guitar intro and Bob has less strain on his vocals on this track. Their is a good mesh of acoustic and electric guitars. This all leads to the "epic" track "Out of Your Life" there is an acoustic version of this below, but man this "electric" version just slays. Vast portions of this song are pretty much out of Bobs vocal range but again, this is what makes the song so perfect. The guitar, the bass the is Bob Mould at his finest. When Bob sings "Tell MEEEEEE, Tell MEEEEE towards the end you'll be reaching for the replay button. "Disappointed" has vocals given at a machine gun pace right along with the guitar part. "Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace" closes the record out with some very raspy vocals from Bob. The song is heavy and has a dark feel to it.

Where are they now? Bob continues to write and perform. After a run with his solo records he went on to form Sugar which was hearkening back to his heavy/fast stuff a little closer to what he had done in Husker Du. After Sugar ran its course Bob again released some solo records that were more "dance based". Bob even spent time as a script writer for pro wrestling. Bob has been said to have some hearing issues, so many of his tours are acoustic affairs but Bob still performs live.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - At some time during 1993 I was able to see Bob Mould live in concert. It was a solo acoustic show at the now closed "Club Babyhead" in Providence Rhode Island. During the opener (Jason and Allison) Bob stood in the audience and bobbed his head along to the music. When it was his turn he put a chair up on the back part of the stage and invited people to "Sit nicely" up on the stage at his feet. My buddy and I shook his hand later and thanked him for a great show. We were without a pen, or paper..and this was before cell phone cameras. Oh well, we had our "moment".

FDF Overall Take - Bob is a workhorse. Every few years he changes direction, but follows a strict path and believes in what he does. From the ground breaking Husker Du, thru his solo years in to the rocking Sugar on to electronica Bob has tried it all. He may have stumbled here and there but overall at least "SOME" of his work should be in any cd collection.

Bob is a blogger
Official page? way out of date but it is here

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

This week, much like in the Pixies review on this site that was done, we will just skip over to the live show down load. It is a solo acoustic show but again, any song that would be added for down load from the cd, is one that would be attainable via the live show.

Please don't let that stop you from buying Black Sheets of Rain

or here

On to the download...

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Bob Mould
McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA
May 17, 1991

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FDF Volume 1: Issue 57: Social Distortion - Self Titled

Album - Social Distortion
Artist - Social Distortion
Key Players - Christopher Reece - Drums, John Maurer -bass/backing vocals, Dennis Danell - rhythm guitar/backing vocals, Mike Ness - lead vocals and lead guitar
Produced By - Dave Jerden

Release Date March 27, 1990

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Recently heard the new track from the band on Sirius and it got me to thinking it had been a while since I gave this, or any SD a spin.

Overview - Social Distortion had been making music for 12 years before releasing this, their first major label release. In 2008 the band will be making music for 30 years. This record is probably their most well known of the lot.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - "So Far Away" opens the album with the trademark guitar and drum riffs. Ness has a distinct vocal delivery. What he lacks in vocal range he makes up for in sheer grit. His throat is raspy and he delivers the lyrics as quickly as the tempo of the song. Its a formula that is repeated over and over again, yet somehow remains refreshing to the listener. "Let It Be Me" chugs along with a heavy guitar solo at the start and strong work on the ride cymbal by Reece. The band also has some good call and response on the chorus. "Story Of My Life" clocking in at close to six minutes this is the longest track on the record and a far far cry from "punk rock" as you can get. The track has a strong rock-a-billy feel too it. The bass line is almost a standard 12 bar blues riff and the drums keep a steady, and unchanging beat throughout. A trademark sound and track from the band. "Sick Boys" opens with some guitar distortion but quickly changes to a very bright and chiming guitar sound. Four tracks in and we haven't broken out of the "sameness" of a 4/4 time from the drums. Hell the Ramones did it for years as well and we love(d) them too. The production value to this point has been great. Each instrument stands out, even to the untrained ear you can hear the bass line, or the bass drum. "Ring Of Fire", a cover tune made famous by Johnny Cash was actually written by his wife June. This is a terrific cover tune. It does justice to the original while putting just a touch of Social D in to the mix. Listening once more (today) I think its fair to say this is one of the best cover tunes ever. There I said it. Check the download section and tell me I wrong. "Ball and Chain" yet another "classic" Social D song. Chances are even if you had no idea who Social D are/were you've heard this tune. Still a rocking song musically, the band seems to slow down. Ness delivers the lyrics with a punch and one is left to decide what the "ball and chain" are. Drugs? A woman? You decide. "It Coulda Been Me" restores the listener to the feel of the early tracks on the record. As an added touch Eric Von "Jailhouse Blues" Herzen plays harmonica on this track (as well as Drug Train). If there was a track to drink a beer to, and light up a cigarette in a dingy bar, this is the one. "She's a Knockout" comes in hard with drums and guitar chords. After a few bars the guitar pick slides on the strings and the band is off to the races. Ness sings the verse line in to a chorus of "shes a knockout" at the end of each line. The song cooks right along. If in the car, be careful of your speed. "A Place in My Heart" this, per the norm has great drums and really crunching guitar parts. If you toes are not tapping to this track I am not sure what I/the band can do. The album closes on a swampy feeling, and heavy blues feeling "Drug Train".

Where are they now? - Dennis Danell died in February of 2000 from a cerebral aneurysm. John Maurer left the band in 2004 to pursue other interests. Christopher Reece remained in the band until 92-93 and left to open a restaurant. Mike Ness is still fronting Social Distortion and the band and has released two solo records. The band plan to have a new cd out in 2008, but in the mean time (at the end of June 2007) the band will release a best of collection.

*image from this site

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - The band has been at it for close to 30 years yet somehow I have yet to see the band live. **hangs head in shame**.

FDF Overall Take - First to admit that this is not a hard record to rave about. For all the punk rock asthetics of it all this record gives the speed and tenacity you want from a punk band but on a bigger budget. The band embraced the ability to put out a quality record and they delivered with a solid effort that gained them many new fans. For better or worse their music was heard by more and they continue to hold true to their formula that has been and influence, and paved the way for so many.

Social Distortions Official Site

Further viewing - Try to track down Another State of Mind for a very young look at Social D and other punk bands from the early 80's. Its a great watch. When we first got cable TV, USA Network used to air this (anyone else recall that?) For more a straight up Social D show you can go with this live concert DVD.

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Let it Be Me
Drug Train
Ring of Fire
Story of My Life

All the tracks taken from the cd which you can buy -
here and even here. There are lots of options..get on it.

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FDF Volume 1: Issue 56: Kula Shaker - K

Album - K
Artist - Kula Shaker
Key Players - Paul Winterhart -drums, Jay Darlington - organ,mellatron, piano, Alonza Bevan - bass, piano, tabla, backing vocals, Crispian Mills - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, tamboura
Produced By - John Leckie

Release Date - September 16, 1996

What caused me to blow off the dust?
- been meaning to do this record for some time now and it just jumped out this week.

Overview - After winning a song writing contest Kula Shaker was quickly singed to a major label. The result was "K" which, at the time, became the quickest selling debut album in the UK since Oasis' Definitely Maybe

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - "Hey Dude" opens with a clacking wah wah guitar line and a strong swooping bass line. The drums march along and it stops for a second, then the band takes off. The bass line is really strong and up in the mix. "Knight on the Town" follows and is another rocking track. The piano is brought up more in the mix but the bass work and guitar shine on the track. "Temple of Everlasting Light" more acoustic based at the start but has a quick "middle eastern" feel by the time the first words are sung. By the end of the first verse the band comes up full and its a little more rocking than the starting point. "Govinda" starts with the sounds of a jungle then it slowly fades up with tabla. The song has hardly a word sung in English, barring that its one of the most sing along songs on the record. The guitar work after the second verse is just enough but the bass and drums are really the key on this track. "Smart Dogs" keeps the "heavy" side of Kula Shaker moving. The piano is replaced by organ and the band chugs along on this track. By this point the band has gone from 3 minute tracks to 6 minute tracks and back again. "Magic Theatre" is another track under three minutes long. It a very dark and moody track and really feels out of place, at this point of the record, if not the whole thing. Its a throwaway track that is really not all that interesting. The track fades right up to "Into The Deep" and when one listens you'd almost think its a cast off of a track from the La's. Dunno, that is what I get when I re listen. Clocking in at 2:02 "Sleeping Jiva" follows. Its more an intro to the heavily Indian influenced Tattva". This was one of the singles that came to American radio. Mills chants as the track begins and the guitars wash over your head. Its a catchy song. "Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There" despite the song title the band was paying homage to the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia. The psychedelic sounds through this record are an obvious nod to the band. The track opens with wah wah guitar and the drum and bass breakdowns (once again) are key to this track. "303" has a strong organ lead but the guitar work again shines, punchy yet somehow smooth at the same time. The bass work on all the tracks has been a great backbone, swooping low and melodically along a path carved out for itself. A single guitar part begins "Start All Over" and its not a bad track. "Hollow Man Parts 1 & 2" close out the record. Piano brings up the track and the track is largely instrumental for the "first part". A strong opening and then Mills comes in with hushed vocals. The track goes on and you feel like you might have been here before (Stone Roses perhaps?). After a bit more the band crashes in and the track gets a little more rocking thus ending on a high note.

Where are they now? - The band broke up for a short time after a second major label release. The band went on to various musical projects with limited success. In January of 2006 the band announced they had re-formed but Jay Darlington was not back with the band. He joined Oasis as a touring keyboard player. Harry Broadbent is now the current keyboard player. In April of 2007 the band announced the new cd was complete and it would see a June release in Japan. The rest of the world will have to wait to see if the wait was worth it.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience)
- Only saw the band one time on Aug 8, 1997. They were one of the bands on the second stage as part of the H.O.R.D.E. Festival. The band was truncated to a 30 minute set but pulled no punches. On a sour note Crispian Mills was a flat out douche when I approached him for a signature of my cd. It was him, nobody around and I said "excuse me would you mind signing my cd?" His response "Sorry I don't speak English" and he walked off. Fuck you too mate.

FDF Overall Take
- Barring a non favorable "meet up" with the bands lead singer the over all sound of "K" was refreshing at the time. This was 1997 remember? There are hints of Stone Roses, late Beatles, Grateful Dead as well as a slew of international music. Listening now it sounds a little "soup and nuts" but overall it captures the UK sound from that time. Still worthy of a spin now and again.

Myspace page
Official Band Page

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Temple of Everlasting Light

Its just the one track this week because any of the others I'd suggest you can get as part of the live show a little further down.

It seems like if you want to find your copy "new" you may be out of luck. It might be a cut out at the moment. I checked just a few sites for "new" copies and came up with no luck. You can buy K used (for under $2.00 no less)

This weeks BONUS download

Kula Shaker
Aston Villa Leisure Center,
Birmingham England
February 27, 1997

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