Friday, May 24, 2013

FDF Volume 4 Issue 305 - Caesars - 39 Minutes of Bliss (In and Otherwise Meaningless World)

Album – 39 Minutes of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)
Artist - Caesars
Key Players – Joakim Ahlund – guitar and vocals. Cesar Vidal – vocals and guitar. David Lindquist – bass. Nino Keller – drums and vocals.

Produced By - Klaus Ahlund

Release Date – April 21, 2003

Overview - The band hails from Sweden and this is their third release. This is actually a compilation album that was created for the US and UK markets.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - As the album title suggests the album is (just shy) of 39 Minutes. The 12 tracks blend buzzy guitars, break neck drum tempos, churning and melodic bass lines to
farfisa  laiden tracks. The vocals go on the attack and have the quick bounce on tracks like (Lets go Parking Baby). The song they are most wildly known for (heck it gets played in sporting areana now (Jerk it Out) grabs you right away with that haunting farfisa. The drums towards the tail end and then the farfisa comes back are terrific. “Crackin up” has a cool bass line and the Zappa nod on “Suzy Creamcheese” is a nice touch. Since you've been gone has the three vocal parts working well and shows the softer side of the band. The entire album can be sampled on their YouTube Channel

Where are they now? The band is still together, although they are on hiatus.

FDF Overall Take – There are few gems on here, but its feels the same more often than not. Songs like Jerk It Out are standouts for sure and if it was all like that it would be gold. Few things here and there keep it interesting, but nothing would pull most back for a constant re-listen.
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