Friday, October 20, 2017

FDF Volume 4 Issue 388 - Pelican - The Fire in Our Throats will Beckon the Thaw

Album – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Artist - Pelican
Key Players – Trevor de Brauw – guitar. Bryan Herweg – bass. Larry Herweg – drums. Laurent Schroeder-Lebec – guitar.
Produced By – Greg Norman (Mix and recording), John Golden (mastering)

Release Date-  May 22, 2005

Overview - This is the second full length release from the Chicago based band Pelican.

FDF Comments (aka “the songs”) - The seven track, 58 minute album opens with “Last Day of Winter”.  After a slow 30 second build up the band all comes in.  The guitars are clear and right up in the mix with the bass and drums holding it tight.  The band locks in to a repeated riff for a bit and then breaks off in other directions with a few looser moments before pulling back in.  The good 3 minute interlude is met with the band thundering back in as one.  The track ends with an acoustic guitar that almost feels like an entirely new song.  The acoustic guitar set up “Autumn Into Summer” quite well as it too takes a little more of an atmospheric approach at the intro.  It has almost a “slint” like feel to it with minimalist chords and light drum fills.  The slow build finally seems to reach a point around the 3 minute mark where the band is ready to take off some and when it does the wall of guitars give pause for a giant exhale…the band just fires it off.  The latter part of this song is what I personally think is the “sound” of Pelican.  Perfect roll in to the longest track on the album “March to the Sea”.  Released on an ep a few months prior this a “shorter” version (still over 10 minutes long).  The big giant riffs of this track need to find that right TV/Movie soundtrack moment.  All killer stuff, that even have the bass brought up for some melodic fills.  The listener gets to exhale with the shortest track “.”  Dual acoustic guitars and very light percussion is used on this track.  “Red Ran Amber” is a return of the big riffs and the band wastes little time in getting rolling, and holding to it as well. The track is the second longest on the record and the final few minutes found the band really on to something, you almost want to start all over again (like I did) just to hear it again.  “Aurora Borealis” is a shorter song (in terms of this record) but conforms to the feel of the record.  It is a really solid and “to the point” track.  We close out the record with “Sirius” another fine example of the bands capabilities.  Just big riffs that pull you in and leave you ready for a “replay”.

Where are they Now? – The band is still active.  Lebec left the band in 2012 as part of an amicable split.  They continue to record, with their most recent release being an ep in 2015 called “The Cliff” and the band tours and will be part of the US version of the DunkFest which took place earlier in October of 2017.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? – There is no denying I love myself some good old instrumental “rock” music.  Pelican was one of the first “heavier” instrumental bands that I discovered and they never seem to disappoint.  They pace themselves with releases and touring so you have a lot of time to marinate on the records.  This is a great starting point for new listeners.

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