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FDF Vol 1 Issue 98: Porno for Pyros - Good God's Urge

Album - Good God's Urge
Artist - Porno for Pyros
Key Players - Peter DiStefano - Guitars, samples, backing vocals. Stephen Perkins - drums, percussion, samples and backing vocals. Mike Watt and Martyn LeNoble - Bass. Perry Farrell - lead vocals, percussion, samples, harp, keyboards.
There were also guest players throughout like the three guys from Love and Rockets, Flea, Dave Navarro
Produced By - Perry Farrell and Thomas Johnson

Release Date - May 28, 1996

What caused me to blow off the dust? - I am not really sure, some days I just look at the cd rack and say "I haven't listened to this in ages", so it fits perfectly with our theme.

Overview - Porno for Pyros was formed by Stephen Perkins and Perry Farrell after the demise of their previous band Jane's Addiction. Farrell named the band after viewing an ad for fireworks in a porno magazine. The band would release two full length records (with a third rumored to be written but never recorded) before dissolving in to other projects.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The album opens with "Porpoise Head" that slowly fades up. The backing band on the track was the three members of Love and Rockets. Those familiar with their sound would notice it almost right away. Perry eases in to the vocal before the drums get a more tribal feel to them. A buzzing guitar works to get things going, before it swallows back down to an even keeled groove. A very "tropical" feeling "100 Ways" fades up. An acoustic guitar and percussion instruments bring up the mellow feel. This is one track where bassist Mike Watt plays on. The track has a horn section, that is sort of buried in the mix considering its a laid back track. The song picks up about 2:20 in with the guitars and bass getting a little more push, but it fades back to the laid back feel from earlier. The only single release to radio "Tahitian Moon" comes up quick with fuzzy bass and marching snare drum. Perry gives a distorted run through the first few lines before we chime over to a more acoustic guitar sound. The bass and drum parts follow suit, and after a few bars we are back to the crunch of the intro. There is breakdown in the middle that would make Jack Johnson, and his laid back fan base swoon. The song does sort of the rinse, lather repeat but as the song fades you can actually hear some pan flutes and other percussion instruments. Acoustic guitars bring up "Kimberly Austin". The bass is smooth underneath and the track has finger snapping coffee house feel. Its largely an acoustic driven track before there is a crunchy, yet subdued guitar part. Perry plays harmonica along with the guitar and the song gets a good work out before returning to the acoustic root. Keeping with the acoustic guitars "Thick of It All" has a layer of them. Perry whispers the vocal parts. This is a far cry from any Jane's Addiction song for sure. It is almost an "arty" track if that makes any sense. A guitar riff will come up, sort of burst out, and then fall right back underneath. Towards the end the guitar solo, still underneath everything, really gets rolling, it ends very strong. Mike Watt returns on the bass for "Good God's://Urge!". It has a very light feel, but the bass is really the stand out. The song gets a little heavier, and faster about 2 minutes in. The vocals speed up and the guitars and drums a little more of a workout. The bass is really the rock on this tune. See for yourself in the down load section. Guitars and cymbal rolls begin "Wishing Well" which combines some acoustic and electric guitar moments takes some time to get rolling. The vocals have a chorus effect on them with some delay and the drums rumble underneath, but the song is not really a barn burner, at least you'd think. About three minutes in it gets rolling good. Bass brings up "Dogs Rule the Night". The drums hit pretty hard compared to other songs thus far on the record. Guitars wah-wah over before the band hits down good. Sampling is done a little more on this track, but its subtle at the same time. Perry pushes his vocals to the ranges he only can hit which is a trait that is lacking on the record. Dave Navarro and Flea offer up their chops on "Freeway". The bass is right up front at the intro with the drums. The bass will remain up front for the track and Navarro has his flashes as well. The is a techno sounding keyboard that sounds sort of out of place considering Navarro and Flea have so much to offer on the track. The album closes with "Bali Eyes", which returns to the heavy acoustic influence. It sounds like a song they'd sort of huddle in a circle and play. The drums are left out for the first 2 minutes and then a pretty decent guitar solo is played over the acoustic guitars and strong bass work (per the norm). This is a strong album closer.

Where are they now? - The initial reason behind the "hiatus" was that guitarist Peter DiStefano has been diagnosed with cancer. He has since recovered and has worked on project with his band Venice Underground. Martyn LeNoble has played with many bands both in studio and live. His web page says he has a new record coming 2005, so I think it needs some updating. Stephen Perkins has seemed to always work with Perry, but currently he is the drummer with a band called "Banyan" and has worked recently with a the Panic Channel, of which former Jane's Addiction guitar player Dave Navarro is also a member. Perry is currently working with a band called Satellite Party. As recently as April 2008 Perry, and for the first time since their break up including Eric Avery performed as Jane's Addiction. Perry is/was the creator and founder of Lollapalooza which returned a few years ago to a weekend festival in Chicago.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience)
- June 8, 1997 the band was part of a local radio station show. (The WBCN River Rave). The show I recall was "okay" and it was a big deal they were playing. The day before the band had played the Tibetan Freedom Concert in New York, and I recall everyone being all jacked with the fact that Perry and company were flown to the show via helicopter. Perhaps it was the same day as the Freedom Fest was 6/7 and 6/8 that year. I did record the show. The set list had four songs from this record performed live.

FDF Overall Take
- Upon the "dust" off I didn't have one of those moments like "why haven't I played this in ages?". The album has some good moments but to me personally it is just "okay". Like most things it has a time and a place, perhaps a year from now I dust this off once more, who knows.


Martin LeNobleofficial site and on
Stephen Perkins on myspace
Perry Farrell has an official site
Satellite Party on myspace

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Tahitian Moon
Good God's://Urge!
dogs rule the night

All tracks taken from "Good God's Urge" which you can buy here

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FDF Vol 1 Issue 97: XTC - Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol 2)

Album - Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)
Artist - XTC
Key Players - Andy Partridge - vocals and guitar, Colin Moulding - vocals and bass
Produced By - Nick Davis

Release Date - May 23, 2000

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Almost every XTC album I own, I feel is so well produced and flat out "sounds" good, I was just in the mood I guess.

Overview -XTC have been making music, in some way, shape, or form since 1972. The Swindon, England band would have chart success in the 70's, 80's and 90's The bands success would ride the wave of the popularity of MTV Music videos and many of the records would become critical favorites. The band would go through issues with members, drugs, divorce, label problems, you name it and still somehow manage to release interesting records. This record here is the final studio album (to date) from the band, a "second volume" that, to many long time fans, sounded more like the XTC of old.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - "Playground" opens with a single guitar and some drums bring up the verse. The unmistakable vocals of Andy Partridge come in strong. The song has a good tempo to it. Come the chorus there are some nice harmonies. On the back side of the first verse, if you listen close you hear a nice bass fill run down. The second version a lot of nice harmonies, with some call and responses. A strong opening track. A heavily compressed guitar brings up "Stupidly Happy". This was a track that was released some some American radio stations. The vocals are clear, but a little light compared to the crunch of the guitar. Moulding takes the first verse and then Partridge takes a run at it. The song sort of keeps with the same guitar riff up through a distorted spoken word portion. About 1:40 in a second guitar, a little lighter comes up over the top, but the bottom guitar run remains. On the Moulding penned, and sung . "In Another Life" the band takes a little harsher direction. The vocals are a little more gruff at least in terms of an XTC song, but its off set up horns and what appears to be a harmonica (I can't find a credit on who played in in the liner notes so I could be way off base here). Vocals bring up "My Brown Guitar" from the outset. The drums are a little chaotic as well, before the verse begins. It remains pretty even keeled, almost plodding a little honestly. Its not overly interesting until a good minute in to the track when the band spruces things up and gets a little fun with the vocals and musical feel. Honestly, if you can get past the sort of odd ball first minute the song is really very strong. Opening with dual acoustic guitars and some foot stomps "Boarded Up" begins. Another Moulding penned and sung track it sounds a lot like a song Warren Zevon would do. It just has a Zevon feel to it. It keeps the solo vocal and guitar through out. A stop start intro starts off the infectious "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love". One must love songs that open with the chorus. The acoustic guitar is high up in the mix and the bass fills are fun to listen to as well. The vocals are very strong and this is the track that you'd play from this record if you were trying to get someone to hear what XTC is all about. A terrific song. "We're All Light" opens up with a simple drum beat before the vocals come up. Partridge shines vocally on this track, hitting the higher notes with ease. The guitars give a buzzy swirl as the song progresses. The backing vocals are also really strong, at times you almost hear him laughing during singing as he seems to be having a lot of fun. The final Moulding track where he takes lead vocals is "Standing in for Joe". He whispers the first few words before the song comes right in. The track has more of an orchestral feel to it. The bass line "walks" well during the verses. "Wounded Horse" follows and falls a little flat. The vocals seem forced and the music also feels pushed, never really getting anywhere interesting and fun really. A tight reggae feeling "You and the Clouds Will Still be Beautiful" is a welcome return to the uptempo XTC. The drums have a tight punch to them. The guitars are pushed up on this track and have a bright chime to them. Vocals are right up on "Church of Women" before there is an acoustic guitar break down. A sort of "canned" drum beat is laid underneath. The song has a horn section and is an interesting song musically. There are a few flashing of guitar solos but the overall feel of the track never strays from it planned goal. The album closes with "The Wheel and the Maypole". The guitar has a cool sound, with a basic drum beat to start off. The vocals come up and its a clean sound. About 35 seconds in the track really gets going, a full sound of bass, guitar, drums and great backing vocals spruce up the track that later gets the layers of strings. The song, overall, is very strong it has great musicianship and the bounce in the vocals is a lot of fun.

Where are they now?
- This was the bands last studio album, at least to date. In 2007 Andy Partridge reported that he had lost contact with Colin Moulding and said he was 'not interested in music anymore, and doesn't want to write'. So, who knows? Partridge is also busy with various solo projects and has been doing some interviews about his songs, and plans to release a book based on the interviews in late 2008.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Andy Partridge has severe stage fright that began in the early 1980s. Since the "early 1980's equate out to my age being 10-13 the chances of me seeing them live are growing slimmer and slimmer.

FDF Overall Take - Most new fans to XTC would be very happy with a "best of" collection at the outset. This is a very strong studio effort from the band and it is a shame to think this might be "it". They were so prolific for so long one could only hope they are just on a hiatus.

Links -

Official XTC site

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My Brown Guitar
I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
We're All Light

Those tracks are all from "Wasp Star: Apple Venus Volume 2" which you can buy here

Bonus download!!!

This live version of Respectable Street was taken from "Urgh! A Music War", which is way out of print, and could be yours for as low as 49.00 here

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FDF Vol 1 Issue 96 Tad - Infrared Riding Hood

Album - Infrared Riding Hood
Artist - Tad
Key Players - Josh Sinder - drums, metal percussion, saw blades, backup vocals and screams. Kurt Danielson - bass, vocals, backups and screams. Tad Doyle - vocals, all guitars, keyboards
Produced By- Jack Endino and Tad

Release Date - April 11, 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? The new documentary ""TAD: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears". Check out the Trailer..

Overview - This was the fifth and final album from Seattle band Tad. For this record the band was a solid three piece band for the first time ever. The band was sort of going in another direction, but still remaining heavy. In the studio the band, who shared management with Ministry, took to trying hitting metal pipes even for heavy and unique sounds. According to the aforementioned documentary the band was actually dropped from their label (for a second time) the week that this album came out. The band, who grunge fans embraced early in the wave of grunge bands didn't care for this record as much, and with lack of label support the band decided to call it a day.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - Danielson, who is show cased throughout this record opens up "Ictus", with a massive throbbing bass line. Sinder rifles off the drum line and the guitars hit over the top. After a few bars we get a scream and some stop start riffs. It is a heavy and brutal track. The vocal is buried a little in the mix and heavily distorted, but the bass and drums hit you so hard you hardly care. When the chorus comes in the vocals get cleaner, but the song still hits like a jackhammer. "Bullhorn" opens equally as heavy, and I swear the opening has been ripped off by Stone Temple Pilots, perhaps it is just me. The vocals growl and the song chugs along, to a sort of soaring chorus. Its a little unlike the Tad fans had expected, but it shows they are a little more dimensional. The bass of Danielson once again leads off as "Thistle Suit" begins. This, although still having a "big" sound is a slower track from the band. "Emotional Cockroach" is one of the tracks to have a very heavy percussion feel to it. On this track Sinder actually hits metal pipes with hammers for a unique clank/clank sound. The guitars have a punchy sting to them as well. It is easy to here the influence, or suggestion, to employ some of what the band Ministry was doing at the time. This song also has a great breakdown at the end with some heavy and often duplicated riffs. "Red Eye Angel" opens a little lighter, but don't let that fool you. Still a hard hitting song the vocals at the outset are a little more relaxed as the music presses along. The guitar has a heavy/crunchy sound to it during the chorus, and the bass is brought up in the mix perfectly. "Bludge" opens with the chugging bass and machine gun drums. We are heavier once more. The chorus on this track is cool in that it lightens up, but for only a part, going light, then heavy musically is what I mean. There is a strong drum break down about 2 minutes in before the band hammers down once more. We get more a higher pitch from the guitar at the intro to "Dementia". The bass and drums, saying for the millionth time, are really strong. The mix doesn't bury any of the fills (bass or drums) and allows for a short diversion, and it always stands out. Opening with sort of bubbly guitars (well for Tad) "Weakling" slowly builds and then I swear to all that is good an holy your face gets punched off. About 35 seconds in the wall of Tad rips you a new one. We chug heavy for the verses with an occasional flashy guitar riff but come the chorus we get a scream(s) that convince you a steady diet of razor blades, cigarettes and whisky will do you the trick. The monster sound they get on this track just rule. The riff from about 2:50->3:10 awwwwwwwwww yeah and then it ends. We drop it down a notch at the start of "Halcyon Nights" but before you know it, everyone is head down rocking. Why is track, or band on freaking Guitar Hero? Someone will smarten up and have a the "balls out" version released one day..but I digress. A single guitar and drums bring up "Particle Accelerator" before there is a bass slide and the band all comes in. How three guys make this much noise is impressive to say the least. The vocals are sort of spoken/chanted leading to the chorus. We still get the monster riffs that we expect. Another track with the different sounds used is "Tool Marks" where the metal, or something it clanked again. The bass has the steady chug and Tad has the riffs to compliment. We get a lot of short "ugghs" and bursts of screams, and although the song has the heaviness, it doesn't really stand out. The album closes on the somewhat out "Mystery Copter". The vocals are heavily compressed and the call and response verse just has one vocal line give as "Its all right" and the response is a "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you". It leads up to what appears to be a verse, given about as fast as Tad is capable of musically, then it goes back to the "Its all right" part. Sort of rinse, lather, repeat but the music is so freaking heavy, if you made it this far the reward is great. It is easy to see how and where the "grunge" sound was developed and embraced. Once the track ends, bail out as from 4:50->7:15 its just some sort of droning nonsense, then after that it is silent until 17:15 when the drone starts up again until 27:+. Skip me.

Where are they now?
As noted, Tad disbanded in 1999. Danielson, who, like Tad, was in then band from the beginning went on to join a band called "Valis". Josh is currently playing in a band called "Hellbound for Glory". Tad Doyle, according to a blog entry in June of 2007 had formed a new band and at the time was calling it "Brothers of the Sonic Cloth" and they are active to this day (with some line up changes). Finally, according to the documentary the band has some unreleased demos that could see the light of day in 2008.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience)
- I did actually see Tad live one time. I can't remember the date as I have no ticket stub, but the biggest reason I went was for the opener, who was Thearpy?. It was at Axis in Boston..probably on tour for the "Eight Way Santa" album, but I can't be 100% sure. Still I remember seeing Tad, and the huge wall of Amps. Needless to say, within days I had as much Tad music as I could find.

FDF Overall Take - Tad as a person, and the band were to put it nicely were not really made for MTV generation. Loved by their fans and held as icons with their peers in the "scene" Tad were really one of the first "grunge" bands. Sadly, they might be overlooked, but if you like the genre, at least in doses, check out Tad and see what you have been missing.

Links -

Tad (the band) - myspace
Tad also has a blog
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth on myspace
Kurt on myspace
Josh drums for Hellbound for Glory and their myspace is here

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Bullhorn tell me Stone Temple Pilots didn't steal this riff...
Emotional Cockroach
Weakling this is some HEAVY stuff..

All the tracks taken from "Infrared Riding Hood" which you can buy here

Disclaimer - For the most part songs listed you can find on iTunes or your local cd shop. The idea is to give you a little taste of the music. Please support the artist buy purchasing some of their work. Songs are posted for about 1 week but can and will be removed at the request of the artist, band, band management etc. If you are one of those persons contact me via the email link in the profile and they will be removed as soon as we are made aware of the request.