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FDF Volume 4 Issue 303 - Nudeswirl - Nudeswirl

Album – Nudeswirl
Artist - Nudeswirl

Key Players - Diz Cortright – guitar. Shame M. Green – guitar, vocals. Woody Newland – drums. Christopher Wargo – bass, vocals.

Produced By - Nudeswirl

Release Date - 1993

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Oh, like you've heard of em before and listen every day.

Overview – This New Jersey based band was formed in 1988 and would be signed to Megaforce records (label for this release). They'd release this album in 1993. The band would blend metal with some psych rock. They'd get some press in major magazines, play with bands like Rob Zombie and even have a side stage slot on Lollapalooza in 92. This would be their lone full length. As time has passed the band has had their praises sung from The Edge of U2 to the band Tool.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 12 track, just shy of 60 minute album starts off with “Gordon's Corner”. A fuzzed out bass brings back every “grunge” sound you've heard. The twin guitars of Green and Cortright slowly bring up the pace and Newland gets it all going hard. It is a tight sounding tune, solid mix with each instrument standing out. Green doesn't sing until about the 1:30 mark and he has a strong baritone voice that can still hit the high range. Wargo offers harmonies on the chorus that fill out the sound more. Cortright takes a longer guitar solo on the back end, but the layers are there to keep the whole band active and interesting. A solid and heavy album opener. The track “F Sharp” was released as a single and it has one of the coolest riffs to open any track (hell sporting events??) Seriously, listen to the works. Wargo is fun to listen on this as he seems to toss some funk bass runs, but the guitars are up on you, and then when Newland gets over to the ride cymbal you are locked and loaded. I dare you not to air jam..go ahead..pick an instrument I'll wait. Nuff said, I know. We stay nice and big as “Sooner or Later” gets underway, but it still has some pull back on it. The band is full, but they ease back some vocally. It is not a ballad, but we are slower lyrically than we have been. Cortright has a longer solo and Wargo hits the drums equally as hard. The length of it is well suited for the track and they come back around for another run at a verse and chorus. Wargo is alone as “Disappear” starts up and then each member joins in. The guitars buzz and swirl over each other, but we are slower and “darker” here. Newland is easy on the drums, focusing on cymbal rolls and Wargo seems to be the lead. After the first verse the band gets a bit heavier with Cortright taking a more aggressive approach, and everyone is fine with that. We get heavier, just not quicker which continues to be a nice pattern the band utilizes. “Buffalo” is a romper of a tune. Wargo sets the tone but Green and Cortright are up the challenge and this is just one of those big sounding and feeling “rip” songs, its just good stuff. We keep the vibe going on “Potato Trip” another big riff and tightly drummed track. Great guitar solo too. We waste little time and Newland gets “Dogfood” rolling. Again the bass is just that perfect bit of heavy with punch and the two guitars layer just that right amount, not out dueling each other. “When I'm Dead” continues the drive. The band is very tight and as heavy as it is the sheer power weighs in. Few bands can capture both a heavy with power. Listen to the samples and you'll get it. “Now Nothing” has Wargo alone and at the start this is the lightest tune so far. As almost on cue though, don't let that fool you! “Three” is once again real heavy and Wargo has that great mix of tones on the bass. Green is really on task here, pushing everyone right along. The choppy guitar line on the back side is a cool touch that I haven't heard done very often. The guitar attack continues on “Damned” as the two are chopping away but Wargo has the melodic bass runs once again. The album concludes with “Ringworm”. We are not going anywhere new here, which is okay. Its just a heavy rocker, as expected. Good closer.

Where are they now? - The band broke up in 1995 after this release. The band members went on to other projects, but little seems to be found on them now. If anyone has updates, or anything to offer, please comment and I'd gladly update this site as a resource.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take – I will admit, for a long time I'd listen to “F-Sharp” and move on to something else. This whole thing is really pretty solid. Yeah its “grunge” but its not so beaten in to your heads you can appreciate what they are doing. (if you like the genre) Well worth trying to track down for a heavy, and just sonically satisfying listen.

About all that is out there is a myspace page
Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

F Sharp

Long out of print you can still find a copy here

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