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FDF Volume 1 Issue 43: Wilco - Summerteeth

Album - Summerteeth
Artist - Wilco
Key Players - Jeff Tweedy - lead vocals+guitar, Jay Bennett - guitar, keyboards you name it, John Stirratt - bass, Ken Coomer - drums.
Produced By - Wilco

Release Date - March 9, 1999

What caused me to blow off the dust? The love of Wilco, and most recently the Tweedy live concert documentary "Sunken Treasure"

Overview - One of the better stories in rock the last few years. This was a big major label release by the band. When they went to record the followup they decided to have a camera crew on hand and make the documentary "I am not trying to break your heart". During this time the band was dropped by the label. Wilco has continued to churn out nearly flawless records and each seems to be better than the last. Around this time the band were losing some of the "alt country" feel they all but helped define while writing some darker more orchestral songs. The album title is rumored to be taken from the idea of "false teeth" meaning if you asked someone in the south they might say "Some are Teeth others are fake" (aka Summerteeth some are not).

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The album starts of strong with "Can't Stand It" that has strong, infectious back beat and you immediatley hear the higher production value the band had on this record. The sound is full and you can hear the subtle shakers to the triangle used during the track. The band wastes no time in getting the point across they have matured in sound. "She's a Jar" follows and is in a stark contrast to the previous track. Its a much slower, and darker track. Later in the track there is harmonica in the vein of Neil up front and in your face you are almost transfixed on this single moment. Stunning. "A Shot in the Arm" is one of the stand out tracks on the record. Still performed live this song offers it all. Great music, strong vocals and a super hook. This is Wilco caught at their best. "We're Just Friends" is on of the shorter tracks on the record clocking in under 2:30. In reading the lyrics you'd easily gather this could very well be a letter of apology based on a confusing moment. Take from it what you will. "I'm Always in Love" follows and is a wonderful pop song. An answer to the previous track??! Concept album here we come! Tweedy repeats the line "I'm worried I'm always in love" as the band oohs and ahhs 60's style behind him. If people could write songs half as good as this we'd be golden. "Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again)" - yes that is the full song title and it continues with the catchy pop format.
"Pieholden Suite" - a sullen song with a strong piano lead. "How to Fight Loneliness" - the song title alone is almost scary. The track begins with a solo strummed guitar and is then filled with a slight back beat and swooping bass and organ lines. "Via Chicago" follows. This song shares the name with the popular Wilco fan site/messageboard. Again, leading off with a solo guitar and Tweedy shows some of his dark side when he says "I dreamed about killing you again last night..and it felt alright to me". During the song there are some strong Beatle/Beach Boys influences on the vocal effects as well as a piano interlude that adds a nice touch. "ELT" (everyl little thing) uses some of the same keyboards as "I'm Always in Love" and there is a twangy slide guitar used during the intro. Its a toe tapper after the last few "mellower" songs. "My Darling" slows things down again with an old western sounding (in a bar) piano intro. The lyrics are practically whispered.
"When You Wake Up Feeling Old" has a little Dead feel to it, if one can say. Its almost something you'd hear them do. Bennett pretty much leads this song with his piano and organ work. "Summer Teeth" is a track you'd put on at any old backyard BBQ. Its not over the top in your face but it seems like it would fit perfect. How this has not landed on some movie or tv show as background music during an outdoor family event seems almost criminal. "In a Future Age" ends the album, at least in theory to the "holders of the liner notes". You'll see, we will get there. Its another particulary dark sounding track. It put in the right place on the record honestly as it is kind of a bummer track. What follows is 0:23 of "Silence" before "Candyfloss" starts up. Beginning with swirling chaotic piano has some great uptempo lyrics. Think a little of "radio radio" from Elvis Costello regarding a keyboard sound and Tweedy sings almost bubblegum lyrics, but its a fun song that "works". Don't hit stop yet on your cd player..we got one final "hidden track". "A Shot in the Arm (Alt. Version)". The alternate version has some production changes including vocal remixes and some instrument sound changes. Overall it is the same tune from earlier in the record.

Where are they now? Wilco are still writing and performing although the current line up from this record has changed. Jeff and John are still doing Wilco as well as other projects. Bennett stayed on for the studio portion of the follow up to Summerteeth before being asked to leave the band. Jay has released a few albums in that time and worked as a producer. Ken was in the band prior to Wilco called Uncle Tupelo. Since leaving Wilco he too has worked on a series of projects including producing and performing.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Somehow I miss them every time they have played local. They are tops on the list to see

the label viewed this record as a failure

FDF Overall Take - The label viewed this as a failure but it made the best of list that year. It can be a challenging listen at times and the band was trying new things out. Some worked, others may have fallen a little flat. Overall its a standout Wilco record. It is a strong representation of what they are about. More than a single spin might be needed if you are new to the band but like a light switch on any given spin it will all "click" and fall in to place. Brush the dust off this one, it deserves better than that!

Want to find out more? check out the documentary I am not trying to break your heart..if this doesn't make you a fan of Wilco nothing will.

Curious are you? Check out some tunes RIGHT NOW!

Mp3s were removed They were:
I'm Always in Love
My Darling a Summerteeth Demo Version

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FDF Volume 1 Issue 42: Kiss - Rock and Roll Over

Album - Rock and Roll Over
Artist - Kiss
Key Players - Gene Simmons bass, Paul Stanley guitar lead vocals, Ace Frehley guitar, Peter Criss, drums
Produced By - Eddie Kramer

Release Date - November 11, 1976

What caused me to blow off the dust? A buddy of mine and I were talking about how awesome Kiss are/was. This particular album is one of my early favorites.

Overview - This is the fifth studio album from the band. It is one of two studio records they released in 1976 (Destroyer was the other/earlier) This was the first Kiss album that would "ship" gold (500,000 Copies in the USA). The album would sell over two million copies very quickly but the highest chart position it would acquire would be #11.

Check out some neat images of the covers of the record from around the world as well as the insert on how to join the Kiss Army. Check that out here

FDF Comments (aka the songs). This goes pretty quick since a "long song" for Kiss is 3 minutes 30 seconds. Paul Stanley is the primary vocalist on the record and the first two tracks "I want you" and "Take Me" he does take the lead vocal duties. "I Want You" starts off with an acoustic guitar and soft spoken vocals before the band kicks in. The cheezy phase on the drums and guitar had to have had the stoners at the time calling it "ground breaking". "Take Me" follows the same vein with regard to the desire of a woman's attention. With perhaps the best line "EVER" in any song the line "Put your hand in my pocket and grab on to my rocket". Holy cow..who comes up with this stuff? Kiss that's who..and it rules. "Calling Dr. Love" is sung by Gene. "Ladies Room", which is also sung by Simmons, these two tracks in particular are the backbone of this record. "Dr. Love" was still performed in the recent tours. The music is beyond basic with a simple 4/4 drum beat and simple guitar chords. The song sung in the trademark Gene growl. After the first wave of chorus (they do it about 15 times) there is some ungodly low vocal line sung simple "Doctor Love" that is lower than the Gyoto Monks meeting Wolfman Jack. "Baby Driver", if you will, showcases Peter on lead vocals. His raspyness New York drawl adds something to the sound as well as the outer space guitar work of Ace. "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" is sung by Gene. Paul returns to the lead vocal duties on "Mr Speed". Gene is back on "See You in Your Dreams". The story behind "Hard Luck Woman" is that Paul wrote this for Rod Stewart but Peter heard it and all but begged to keep it as a Kiss song and sing it himself. The record closes out with "Makin Love"

Where are they now? - The band has played as Kiss since the 1970's but have been inactive as touring act since 2004. Gene Simmons has a reality show on A&E and has kept busy with various project. Paul Stanley released a solo album in 2006. Peter Criss and Ace Frehley have battled substance abuse problems in the past and have come and gone as members of the band. Ace last performed with the band in 2002 and is back working as a solo artist. Peter has had "contract" issues with the band. He was back until 2001, was gone..was back in 2002 but was gone again in 2004.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - If you were a young teenager in the 1970s' (or had older siblings) chances are there is a picture of you (or them) in Kiss makeup. For a long time this band could no wrong. They were releasing 2+ albums a year at one time. The first time I saw Kiss was in the "non makeup phase" That show was June 29, 1990. The coolest part of this show (on top of it being my first Kiss show) was that I went to a backstage BBQ and Gene and Paul were there. I got to meet both of them and it was very cool to say the least. The next time was July 31, 1996 on the "first" reunion tour. It was over the top and absolute schlock..but man it ruled. One more time was the charm on yet another makeup tour in November 98 which seemed to be the "same old same old" but I did it one more time June 12, 2000. By this time it was just the theater and the experience. New stuff was totally omitted and the same lines were used before each song..still I threw up my "devil horns" and rocked out.

FDF Overall Take - Looking back at this record you can tell that these guys were thinking with their crotches. Just look at the song titles and innuendos. That out of the way leaves some pretty catchy tunes. It is also hard to escape the bands merchandising, but someone somewhere is buying it. That aside Kiss were and are an important part in how every rock concert is and should be. Theater, escapism and a massive party. For 2 hours you would escape into their world. They may no longer be the "Hottest Band in the land..." but these early albums are hidden classics.