Friday, June 08, 2018

FDF Volume 4 Issue 390 - ZZ Ward - Til the Casket Drops

Album – Til the Casket Drops
Artist – ZZ Ward
Key Players
– ZZ Ward vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards.  For additional musicians credited check here

Produced by – (Many, see the Wiki link here )

Release Date – October 16, 2012

Overview – This is the debut album from the LA via Oregon/Pennsylvania singer.

FDF Comments (aka the Songs) - “Till the Casket Drops” opens the 13 track album, it sets the bar high with Ward having a charming growl to her voice.  Its heavy, but fitting for the track. “Put the Gun Down” has a great driving beat to it, but when you listen you can really hear a strong piano line.  Ward is in fine form, with a solid vocal range that seems fitting for the blues based rock she is performing. After listening you can understand why this song charted the highest for her, its just a great track.  “Blue Eyes Blind” keeps up with the driving vocals and “Home” circles back to focus a little more on her, but has the first blips of noticeable backing vocals.  Crying Wolf features Kendrick Lamar.  There is a heavy acoustic guitar progression and the tempo has that hip-hop drop feel too it.  It is more a melodic R+B flavored tune than we’ve heard so far on the record.  Lamar is given a full verse and the song winds down after with some moody organ runs and slow bass fills.  Save My Life has a Christmas song feel at the intro and transitions in to a great 60’s soul revival track, while “Last Love Song” is the piano ballad of the record.  “Lil Darlin” features the O’Mys and this is another slower track with more of that dark barroom blues.  Just a bass groove with piano fills and emotive vocals.  Ward keeps it on point and the songs have a particular feel to them that make them easy to digest. ‘Move Like U Stole It” is a prime example.  Simple tempo, yet it drives and she sings with a grit making it more compelling.  “Criminal” is another track that really showcases Wards vocals.  Again, the piano and bass take up a major portion musically but if you close you eyes you can see her doing this in a small room with all eyes fixed on the stage.  We get back to a bit more of the up-tempo style on “If I Could Be Her” and we change gears quickly for “Charlie Ain’t Home”.  The album concludes with “365 Days”

Where are they now?  Ward is still active writing and performing.  Released her second album “The Storm” in 2017.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth dusting off?  I am not sure what had me purchase the record to begin with honestly.  It has sat on my shelf for a few years now with little attention paid to it.  It is not something I’d grab right away but there are some decent tracks on here.  Maybe toss it on over a summer BBQ and see what reactions it gets.

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