Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A year end how do you do...


Considering its been a few months since I last apologized for lack of content I guess the end of the year is just as good a time to apologize once more.

The new job (well now 8 months in) doesn't allow for much "listening at work".  Its not "the man" bearing down on me, its just I teach a class, pretty much every single day I am at work.  Listening to music, at least there, is really on the back burner.  I'd love to post more, and hope I can.  Perhaps I need to go to that really "abridged" version I'd always thought about.  Sort of a "here is one I dusted off a week or so ago..and wow its still really great".   I'd add more to it of course, at least to keep it somewhat interesting.

The year is coming to a close..amazing its been just about nine months since the blog had an update with substance.

I apprecaite you stopping by.