Monday, February 01, 2016

Let's refocus...

So I had this revelation the other day.  I thought about how I missed writing about the music that I liked so much.  It had become a chore though.  Always looking for content then putting aside the time to give it the listen, the writing about it. After that, research some, add more content etc.

I was "customer free" for much of January and I sat at my desk with headphones on. I listened to a LOT of new music.  Stuff I had bought that sat in shrink wrap was finally opened.  Still I dusted off a few things as the mood struck.

What I think I'll do is just go short burst reviews, thoughts.  Maybe I went to see the band on that tour.  Still talk about the highs and lows of the record, but maybe not be so "in depth" about things.  Just to get me back in the groove?

Sound cool?