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REM 25th Anniversary of "Document" News and GIVEAWAY!

Okay, really 25 years?  Yes it is true.  R.E.M has been re-issuing their back catalog, expanded and clenaed up.  "Document" is the next in that line and it is currently in stores (September 25, 2012)

2CD and Digital Release Features Remastered Original Album, Plus a Previously Unreleased Concert Recording!!

R.E.M. has teamed with Capitol/I.R.S. for the September 25 release of an expanded 25th Anniversary Edition of the band's 1987 album, Document. The new edition features the digitally remastered original album, plus a previously unreleased 1987 concert from R.E.M.'s "Work" tour. The commemorative release also adds new liner notes by journalist David Daley, with the 2CD package presented in a lift-top box with four postcards. On the same date, the remastered original album will be reissued by Mobile Fidelity on 180-gram vinyl in faithfully replicated LP packaging.

R.E.M.'s fifth studio album, Document was recorded by vocalist Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry at Nashville's Sound Emporium. The first of several R.E.M. albums to be co-produced by the band and Scott Litt, Document was also the band's first to go Platinum and includes the singles "Finest Worksong," "Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)," and "The One I Love," R.E.M.'s first Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album peaked at Number 10 in the U.S., spending 33 weeks on Billboard's Top 200.

 R.E.M. had released four albums in the previous four years, each selling more than the last. With the release of Document, the band found itself at a crossroads of sorts - all but ignored by conservative rock radio and MTV, yet reaching a broad and devoted international audience, sprung from independent media and college radio.

Document's 25th Anniversary Edition follows the special edition releases of R.E.M.'s four other I.R.S. albums, including Murmur and Reckoning, released by UMe/I.R.S., and Fables of the Reconstruction and Lifes Rich Pageant, released by Capitol/I.R.S. Audio and video anthologies of the legendary band's 1980s I.R.S. Records output, And I Feel Fine... The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987and When The Light Is Mine... The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 Video Collection, respectively, were released by Capitol/I.R.S. in 2006.

Tracklisting for  R.E.M.: Document (25th Anniversary Edition) [2CD, digital]
CD1 (digitall remastered original album)
1. Finest Worksong
2. Welcome to the Occupation
3. Exhuming McCarthy
4. Disturbance At The Heron House
5. Strange
6. Its the End of The World As We Know It (And I feel Fine)
7. The One I Love
8. Fireplace
9. Lightnin' Hopkins
10. King Of Birds
11. Oddfellows Local 151

C D 2 (previously unreleased "Work" tour concert, recorded live in Utrecht, Holland - September 14, 1987)
1. Finest Worksong (4.20)
2. These Days (3.36)
3. Lightnin' Hopkins (3.43)
4. Welcome To The Occupation (2.52)
5. Driver 8 (4.15)
6. Feeling Gravitys Pull (5.00)
7. I Believe (4.28)
8. The One I Love (4.38)
9. Exhuming McCarthy (3.23)
10. Wolves, Lower (4.23)
11. Fall On Me (3.05)
12. Just A Touch (3.12)
13. Oddfellows Local 151 (5.34)
14. Little America (2.50)
15. Its the End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (4.01)
16. Begin The Begin (4.32)
17. Disturbance At The Heron House (3.42)
18. Moral Kiosk (3.02)
19. Life And How To Live It (4.59)
20. So. Central Rain (5.35)

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Congrats to David from MD on the win.  Thank you all for the submissions.  More than I ever have seen.  Not sure if its the blog, or R.E.M or a little of both.  Thanks David and enjoy the music!

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FDF Volune 3 Issue 280 - Rancid - ...and Out Come the Wolves

Album - ..and out come the Wolves
Artist - Rancid
Key Players – Brett Reed - drums, Matt Freeman – bass. Lars Frederiksen – guitar and vocals, Tim Armstrong – lead vocals, guitar
Produced By - Jerry Finn and Rancid

Release Date – August 22, 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Always looking for new ideas, sometimes they come right to me, others I have to look to see if they were reviewed. Recent rumblings a new record had me curious to go back.

Overview – This is the third studio album by Berkeley California punk band Rancid. Formed in 1991 after the dissolving of highly influential ska/punk band Operation Ivy Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong would recruit Lars Frederiksen and Brett Reed and go on to become one of the most widely praised punk rock bands ever. Shunning major labels and touring continually have also been credited with keeping the large, and mostly original fan base. Barring a short hiatus the band has remained largely intact and free from many of the rock and roll trappings. This album would crack the top 50 on the US Billboard charts and go gold within a few months. It continues to sell well.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - “Maxwell Murder” starts off the 19 track album with a wonderful punk flash. There is some silence at the start, but we go. The bass from Freeman is punchy and Reed is quick to pummel his kit. As expected, the vocals are quickly “sung” (lets face it punk rockers tend to chant..its all good). They fit an awful lot in to 1:25. Freemans bass stands out the most to these ears. Tracks don't crack the three minute mark (only 4 of them do) so we get in and out. “The 11th Hour” is less frantic vocally, but the music no less urgent. Frederiksen is okay with the guitar chords as Reed and Freeman lay the solid back beat. Freeman has another stand out, or “high in the mix” bass run that gets right to your core. One of the radio singles comes next in “Roots Radicals”. A buzzy, sweaty, fist pumping romp. This is the first track where there are some backing vocals. A little on the verses to harmonize, but mostly in the chorus to fill it out. We don't slow down and go in to another radio single in “Time Bomb”. This has a bit more of the melody of a pop/punk song with hints of the ska organ that the band that only come up fuller later in the track. It is very different than the rowdy songs prior, but showing off some of their abilities is a plus. We get a little more back to the punk feel with “Olympia WA”. Armstrong sings of meeting Lars and “hanging on the corner”. You get the three chords and solid bass line ( expected!) throughout. This is the longest track on the album and allows for a guitar solo! It fits well with the song, doesn’t go on and on, and then the band has a breakdown with the vocals before firing it all back. The backing vocals continue to be very strong in “Lock, Step & Gone”. The sheer power of the band is evident in the hammering of the drums. Beaten like they owe him money Reed just won't let up. The band is good with breaking up tracks, with just vocals and guitar for example, or a quick bass fill, before everyone comes in. Breaking out of that whole “2-3-4” cliché, they keep it interesting enough. The guitars ring a little brighter on “Junkie Man”, and you really hear the layers. Armstrong and Frederiksen blend the guitar lines seamlessly. A ring over the top, with a buzzy underneath. Reed seems to be in a hurry and “Listed M.I.A” takes right off. We are clear and on point. The track that I personally like the best comes in “Ruby Soho”. Say what you will, this tune just owns. From the guitar chords to the bass line that just swings underneath and reverts to the punchy notes during the verse. Reed strikes the snare and you just scream “Destinaaaaaaation UnnnnnnnnnNNNKNOWN”. Late in the track when they chant the song title and just blow it up coming back around....there are few finer things. Armstrong starts off “Daly City Train” seemingly alone. Just his voice and a few organ chords and then Reed gives the “rat-a-tat” across the drums and Freeman gets the swing started. The guitars are more subtle, if that is possible, on this track, and sans a short solo later in the track, remain pretty straight forward. Freeman gets his solo intro as “Journey to the End of the East Bay”builds to a noisy full band take off. Freeman works the fret board like a funk bassist, just getting all over the place. Reed pulls Armstrong and Frederiksen in and the guitars wall up around you. Another bouncing sing along fist pumper. In and out in just over 1:30 is “She's Automatic”. As you'd imagine the guitars run right up on you and everyone locks in and takes off. “Old Friend” has a similar feel/sound as “Time Bomb” with a bit more of the ska feel to it. With a song title like “Disorder and Disarray” you get what you'd expect. Rumbling drums and bass and the dual guitar attack. The single guitar intro on “The Wars End” is a distorted slow rise as Armstrong sings the angst filled lyrics. Reed strikes the snare and Freeman has that terrific bass sound right out of the gate. AS you listen to the record you can hear the complexity of some of the fills from Freeman, something I personally have seemed to have missed. Great stuff. We continue with the speed on “You Don't Care Nothin'”. Deep in to the record they show no signs of letting up. Yep, again on “As Wicked” and “Avenues and Alleyways”. Don't take this as diss, they do it, and do it well. Just not a ton of ways to say the same thing, differently. (that makes no sense). We conclude the record with “The Way I Feel”. The track goes out blazing hot and fast. The growl in Armstrong's voice can be felt and the backing vocals push everything to an epic close.

Where are they now? - Brett Reed left the band in 2006 after the hiatus. The band otherwise is intact and there are talks of a new release already being recorded and perhaps seeing the light of day in 2012.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - As part of the WBCN X-Mas Rave I saw the band play the larger room of Mama Kin Music Hall (December 1, 1998). They shared the bill that night with Less Than Jake and one other band in the larger room. The room was packed and by the time they started to play you were grateful for the Mohawks so you could see just where they were on stage!

FDF Overall Take – At times I sort of feel reviewing records that are/were “big” is sort of a cop out. Why not dig in to a different record for example from the same band. Part of the reason is this is the only one I own from them. All that said, this sold well for a reason. It is a great record. Never mind its “punk” or whatever other tag. Its just a solid record that no person would ever look at your collection and say “ like them?”


Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

for some reason embedding has not worked..anyhow..
Roots Radicals
You can still track it down very easily.  Try here

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FDF Volume 3 Issue 279 - Ruth Ruth - Laughing Gallery

Album – Laughing Gallery
Artist – Ruth Ruth
Key Players – Mike Lustig – guitar. Dave Snyder – drums. Chris Kennedy – vocals and bass
Produced By – Ted Niceley and Chris Kennedy

Release Date – 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - I dug the lead off track years ago, but haven't really spent any time with it since it was released. So, lets go have a listen.

Overview – Formed in New York City in 1993 the band “Ruth Ruth” started off playing for free and whenever they could. They'd get singed to a major label and have some moderate success on MTV and alternative radio. Their relationship with the label would begin to fall apart within a year and they were later signed to another major label. By 2000 the band had changed their name to “Ultra V” but they disbanded soon after amid band member turnover.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – We are in and out of this collection in under 40 minutes. Opening with the bands biggest song “Uninvited”. The guitar from Lustig is chopping as Kennedy has a pretty simple bass line. Snyder pushes things towards the chorus and as “Uninvited” is shouted it is heavily compressed and the band hammers down. Its a a party rocking, bouncing track. A solid lead off track and easy to understand why it was the go to lead off single. Kennedy sings a little before “Uptight” has the full band treatment. Three chords, and pounding drums. The track rumbles forward like a punk anthem. You can visualize a live audience really having fun with this. The band has some solid work on the backing vocals which is nice. Kennedy has a strong voice that suits the sound of the band well. Lustig gets things rolling along as “All Ready Down”unfolds. The bass is a bit more up in the mix and has a cool sustain to it. Again the call and response on the chorus, and backing vocals add to the trio's “big sound”. Three songs in, and I realize I've been missing out for a while. Choppy guitars continue as Snyder tries on the drums to keep things at bay before “Bald Marie”goes off. After the first verse Snyder rolls off the snare and the power chords come in. The music is quick, simple and to the point. Just solid “pop punk”. “Mission Idiot” is very similar in the guitar strikes and melody. The band has a solid formula and they are okay with using it. Kennedy gives the bass a work out on “Amnesia” and Lustig and Snyder are fine with playing along. When the band hits these grooves they really stand out. The production is solid, as you notice you can hear each instrument and their parts really well. “Neurotica” is another solid example, really they just keep coming. “Don't Shut Me Out” is a track a band like the Strokes probably looked to at one time. The guitar is crisp and the bass line really stands out. The drum beat is machine like in its simplicity, and everyone is right on task.. At times you hear a little Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom) in Kennedy's vocal delivery, and even a bit of Elvis Costello at time. He has a strong voice, but its careful with is range, so he can go from angst to pop in the matter of a verse. “Pervert” finds the band on a mission. Everyone is in on it right from the start. The vocal track is limited to the right side which is a little disorienting, but the left is the full it is almost like you can get an instrumental version if you so desire. I found that I listened to the track with both sides on my ears, then just the left. Something fun to do. Tracks like “I Killed Meg the Prom Queen” could raise eyebrows these days. Typical high school drama tossed in a track, semi comical lyrics, we've sort have been there done that. Not a bad track, but I hope I make a point there. The band is always ready to go, no long intros and “I Grew Up” continues with that. One or two words are sung then...wham you are off to the races. “G.I. Youth” concludes the record the same way we started, a super charged pop punk romp.
Where are they now? - Chris Kennedy has mentioned in passing on his facebook page that one could “never say never” about a reunion.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take – Many may pass this over because it was a “punk band” on a major label. The band could be put in that pop punk category very easy. Its fun, it is simple, its loud and if you are in the mood for it you might really like it.


Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

Out of print, but you can track em down even  here

Disclaimer – I am just a music fan. Feel free to comment about something that may be written incorrectly about the band/members etc. I strive to have a fun and enjoyable site. This site used to post mp3s but ran in to many issues. The audio clips provided are usually from YouTube. No copy write infringement is intended. Please alert me if something should be pulled. Finally, support the artist featured, or your favorite artist by purchasing their music, seeing their shows if possible and saying hi. They need your support.