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FDF Volume 3 Issue 279 - Ruth Ruth - Laughing Gallery

Album – Laughing Gallery
Artist – Ruth Ruth
Key Players – Mike Lustig – guitar. Dave Snyder – drums. Chris Kennedy – vocals and bass
Produced By – Ted Niceley and Chris Kennedy

Release Date – 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - I dug the lead off track years ago, but haven't really spent any time with it since it was released. So, lets go have a listen.

Overview – Formed in New York City in 1993 the band “Ruth Ruth” started off playing for free and whenever they could. They'd get singed to a major label and have some moderate success on MTV and alternative radio. Their relationship with the label would begin to fall apart within a year and they were later signed to another major label. By 2000 the band had changed their name to “Ultra V” but they disbanded soon after amid band member turnover.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – We are in and out of this collection in under 40 minutes. Opening with the bands biggest song “Uninvited”. The guitar from Lustig is chopping as Kennedy has a pretty simple bass line. Snyder pushes things towards the chorus and as “Uninvited” is shouted it is heavily compressed and the band hammers down. Its a a party rocking, bouncing track. A solid lead off track and easy to understand why it was the go to lead off single. Kennedy sings a little before “Uptight” has the full band treatment. Three chords, and pounding drums. The track rumbles forward like a punk anthem. You can visualize a live audience really having fun with this. The band has some solid work on the backing vocals which is nice. Kennedy has a strong voice that suits the sound of the band well. Lustig gets things rolling along as “All Ready Down”unfolds. The bass is a bit more up in the mix and has a cool sustain to it. Again the call and response on the chorus, and backing vocals add to the trio's “big sound”. Three songs in, and I realize I've been missing out for a while. Choppy guitars continue as Snyder tries on the drums to keep things at bay before “Bald Marie”goes off. After the first verse Snyder rolls off the snare and the power chords come in. The music is quick, simple and to the point. Just solid “pop punk”. “Mission Idiot” is very similar in the guitar strikes and melody. The band has a solid formula and they are okay with using it. Kennedy gives the bass a work out on “Amnesia” and Lustig and Snyder are fine with playing along. When the band hits these grooves they really stand out. The production is solid, as you notice you can hear each instrument and their parts really well. “Neurotica” is another solid example, really they just keep coming. “Don't Shut Me Out” is a track a band like the Strokes probably looked to at one time. The guitar is crisp and the bass line really stands out. The drum beat is machine like in its simplicity, and everyone is right on task.. At times you hear a little Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom) in Kennedy's vocal delivery, and even a bit of Elvis Costello at time. He has a strong voice, but its careful with is range, so he can go from angst to pop in the matter of a verse. “Pervert” finds the band on a mission. Everyone is in on it right from the start. The vocal track is limited to the right side which is a little disorienting, but the left is the full it is almost like you can get an instrumental version if you so desire. I found that I listened to the track with both sides on my ears, then just the left. Something fun to do. Tracks like “I Killed Meg the Prom Queen” could raise eyebrows these days. Typical high school drama tossed in a track, semi comical lyrics, we've sort have been there done that. Not a bad track, but I hope I make a point there. The band is always ready to go, no long intros and “I Grew Up” continues with that. One or two words are sung then...wham you are off to the races. “G.I. Youth” concludes the record the same way we started, a super charged pop punk romp.
Where are they now? - Chris Kennedy has mentioned in passing on his facebook page that one could “never say never” about a reunion.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take – Many may pass this over because it was a “punk band” on a major label. The band could be put in that pop punk category very easy. Its fun, it is simple, its loud and if you are in the mood for it you might really like it.


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