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FDF Volume 4 Issue 383 - Hoodoo Gurus - Stoneage Romeos

Album – Stoneage Romeos Artist - Hoodoo Gurus Key Players – James Baker – drums. Clyde Bramley – bass, vocals. Dave Faulkner – guitar, lead vocals, keyboards.  Brad Shepherd – lead guitar, vocals, harmonica, percussion.
Produced By – Alan Thorne

Release Date
- 1984

Overview – This is the debut album from the Australian band.  The band took the name of the album from a Three Stooges film.

FDF Comments (aka “the songs”)
– The 11 track 37 minute album opens with “I Want you Back” a very catchy, bass fueled track.  The acoustic guitars have a great ring as Faulkner comes up in a strong powerful presence.  Sends a strong precedent for the record.  “Tojo” is just a great pop song with the urgent lyrics and punchy drums.  “Leilani” is also similar with a punchier chorus just ripe for sing alongs.
“Arthur” opens with the guitar ringing and Faulkner giving a hearty yell.  Bramley locks a groove and Baker is there to oblige, hitting them hard but keeping in check at the same time.  Shepherd has a great little slow after the chorus.  “Dig it Up” has a bit more of a darker, slow roll to it.  Sort of the first “gear shift” to this point on the record.  The tempo is up for “(Let’s All) Turn On” with Faulkner repeating “cuz that’s what I like…that’s what I like….” To a break neck toe tapping drum line and “Death Ship” is also very similar. The band has found a groove.  Bramley’s bass is a bit more evident here as well. “In the Echo Chamber” and “Zanzibar” are two different tracks.  The first follows suit of the record while “Zanzibar” has a much more mellow approach. Faulkner is in no rush, the bass rings out with more chords and the drums are just a simple back beat.  The bands “quiet” moment.  “I Was a Kamikaze Pilot” (one of the more unique song titles ever..) finds the band back with the buzzsaw guitars and driving beats.  “My Girl” closes out the record on a little more of a mellow tone.  The focus here would be on the vocals, just a pretty song that is not too rushed.  It’s a nice tune, don’t get me wrong, but the rumbling they’ve given us would have been more what I’d have expected as a closer.
Where are they Now? -   After a hiatus that ran from 1997 to 2003 the band has been active.  Faulkner, Shepherd are the two original members.  The band was inducted in to the Australian Recording Industry Hall of fame in 2007.  Their last studio album was “Purity of Essence” released in 2010.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? – This is a good “rock” record.  They got to be more popular in the states with their follow up record, but there are few solid gems here.  If you are a completest I’d recommend it, but you probably have it already.

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