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FDF Volume 4 Issue 373 - Swervedriver - Mezcal Head

Album – Mezcal Head
Artist – Swervedriver
Key Players – Adam Franklin – vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, bass, Jimmy Hartridge –guitar and bass, Jez Hindmarsh - drums
Produced By – Alan Moulder and Swervedriver.

Release Date – August 5, 1993

Overview – This is the second album released by Oxford England based band Swervedriver.

FDF Comments (aka “the songs) –  The 11 tracks span over 60 minutes and “For Seeking Heat” leads it off.  The track slowly builds over the first 30 seconds and then it opens up.  It’s a heavy track, with the bass being really heavy.  The vocals begin and the guitars swirl underneath. There is a psychedelic feel but the speed and volume of that might confuse the listener.  “Duel” was a big single from this record and it has a clear pop feel to it.  Very radio friendly with big guitars and choruses.  This track still is outstanding all these years later.  “Blowin Cool” comes right in with simulated waves crashing meets jet taking off sound effects.  What is interesting is the cd player (yes I know) sits on track time 0:00 for some time before the track really starts, with a nice punchy bass and then swirling vocals.  Another fine example of what had people so excited for them early on.  The chorus on this track especially.  We slow it down some on “MM Abduction”, so you’d think until the first verse is done then it all breaks loose with crushing guitars bass and drums.  The same is true for “Last Train to Satansville” which unloads for a good 2:30.  “Harry & Maggie” is an urgent song continuing with the vibe the band has set forth. “A Change is Gonna Come” showcases the bands ability to layer sounds.  The guitars either ring or crunch over the 4/4 drum tempo.  The band shows about as mellow as it gets on “Girl on a Motorbike” and that is really not “that” mellow.  You still get the urgent chorus and big guitars, but the verses are not as rushed.  “Duress” is an ambitious track as it runs over 8 minutes long.  The bass line solid and holds it down as the guitars seem to compliment.  One rings out slow passages while the second has more of a wah wah/distortion sound and that builds to vocals after three minutes.  What stands out to these ears is the simplicity (and rock solid) bass line.  “You Find it Everywhere” is another solid track.  The album closes with the 11 minute opus “Never Lose that Felling/Never Learn”.  The saxophone is an interesting touch and the track just pulls you in as the whole track is just sensory overload.  Kudos to Stewart Dace on sax.

Where are they now?  The band was active until 1998 then took some time off.  In 2008 they re-formed with the intent to tour and are still at it.  The band released a new album in 2014 and it 2017 they will be touring the US again playing this album (Mezcal Head) as well as “Raise” in full.

FDF Overall Take/Was it Worth Dusting Off? I am not sure I ever could say I was a big fan of the band at the time.  I am not sure why or what was holding my interest.  The new album I bought the day it came out though and it had me go back as I had a few others.  Probably at the time I just saw it a bit of a tedious listen, who knows.  My loss for losing the time, but something to be excited about all over again!

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