Friday, August 11, 2017

FDF Volume 4 Issue 377 - Boris - Pink

Album – Pink
Artist - Boris
Key Players – Takeshi – vocals, bass and guitar.  Wata – guitar and Echo.  Atsuo – drums and percussion
Produced by - Boris

Release Date – November 8, 2005

Overview – This is the 10th album from the Japanese band Boris

FDF Comments (aka “the Songs”) – Clocking in at 55 minutes the 11 track album opens with ‘Farewell”.  After a drone intro the song takes off.  The fact that Takeshi sings in Japanese doesn’t seem to impact the vibe at all.  The sound is massive, it is not a quick song, but a little slow and almost plodding at times track, but it is just “so big” sounding.  “Pink” is an absolute frenzy of a track, with everything hitting and hammering from all sides. “Woman on the Screen” has a great fuzzy bass guitar and the guitar is equally as gritty.  The band can make a lot of noise as evident in “Nothing Special” and “Blackout” but “Electric” really seems to bring it even further.  The tracks are all heavy and noisy, yet somehow clean. This track you’d put on in your car if you were in the mood for a speeding ticket and although it is short it barrels in to “Pseudo-Bread” which won’t leave you feeling left out for long. “Afterburner” is a good tease up to “Six Three Times” which is as rowdy as anything else on the album.  Atsuo hits the drums impossibly hard it seems.  One of the shorter tracks so that is probably a relief to him.  “My Machine” is an instrumental track that is pretty quiet for the band but just makes the album closer “Just Abondoned Myself” all the more pummeling.

Where are they Now? – The band has a new album called “Dear” which came out on July 14th

FDF Overall Take/Was it Worth Dusting Off? – One of the regrets I’ve had in recent months was missing the tour when the band came back through doing this record in full.  It is not something that you can put on all the time and most of your friends would probably what in the heck you are listening to, but the heaviness of this record can really scratch that itch should you find the need.  The band seemingly releases an album a year and they can be up and down (which is okay) but this is one you shouldn’t sit on..get after it.

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