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FDF Volume 4 Issue 374 - Coheed and Cambria - Second Stage Turbine Blade

Album – The Second Stage Turbine Blade
Artist – Coheed and Cambria
Key Players – Claudio Sanchez – vocals and rhythm guitar.  Joshua Eppard – drums, piano.   Michael Todd – bass, vocals. Travis Stever – lead guitar.
Produced by – Coheed and Cambria with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner

Release Date – March 5, 2002

Overview – This is the debut album from the New York band Coheed and Cambria.

FDF Comments (aka “the Songs”) – The album is 10 tracks just about 55 minutes in length.  It begins with the short (53 seconds) “Second Stage Turbine Blade”.  Sort of a warble piano interlude that seaways right in to “Time Consumer”.  The guitars are light with the bass and drums kept simple and after a little bit the full band comes in.  Sanchez has a high/nasal voice that some might find a little off putting, but his range is wide and the band takes the track to a prog rock infused interlude.  “Devil in Jersey City” was the track that found radio play from the start.  Eppard lays a pretty tight back line while Todd follows along to keep the track on point allowing Sanchez and Stever to layer their guitars over it. “Everything Evil” finds the band falling in even tighter as Eppard seems to really set the tone and the chorus is a rowdy sing along.  Simple guitar and bass open “Delirium Trigger” and then after a few bars it hits a little harder, and by the conclusion they are going hard.  An almost funky guitar riff kicks off “Hearshot Kid Disaster” and as the bass and drums come in Sanchez gives it a good hearty scream and the riffs pour down and that rolls right on in to  “33”.  This track showcases Eppard.  “Junesong Provision”and “Neverender” continue with the overall vibe of the record.  The record concludes with “God Send Conspirator”.  Another track that really does the band justice, showcasing the vocals to instrumentation.  A solid album closer.  Adding to the albums length is some silence before an acoustic strummed spacey track finds its way to your ears after the 7/8 minute mark.

Where are they now? – The band is still recording and touring.  Eppard left the band in 2006 but returned in 2011. Todd left the band for about a year in 2006 and then left permanently in 2011 after a drug arrest.  Sanchez and Stever have remained with the band continuously.  The band is just wrapping up/currently (depending on when you read this) tour for “Good Apollo I'm burning star IV part 1, fear through the eyes of madness”

FDF Overall Take/Was it Worth Dusting Off? – Coheed is an interesting band for me.  Mostly because I seem to buy all their records as soon as they come out, enjoy them but then shelve them.  Its an odd relationship.  When I do go back I am reminded as to why I like them. The big and progressive rock sound.  They can be a challenge for some to listen to, but if you get get it.  I need to not be away for so long.

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