Friday, August 18, 2017

FDF Volume 4 Issue 378 - Midnight Oil - Earth and Sun and Moon

Album – Earth and Sun and Moon
Artist – Midnight Oil
Key Players – Bones Hillman – bass and vocals. Jim Moginie – guitar, keyboards and vocals. Martin Rotsey – guitar. Peter Garrett – vocals and harmonica.  Rob Hirst – drums and vocals.
Produced By – Nick Launay and Midnight Oil

Release Date – April 20, 1993

Overview – This is the 8th studio album from Australian band Midnight Oil

FDF Comments (aka “The Songs”) –  The 11 song album runs 54 minutes and Hillman rolls his bass line to start up “Feeding Frenzy”.  Hirst acknowledges and rumbles forth to get it rolling.  The sound is classic “oil” and there is some fun 60’s sounding keyboards put down by Moginie.  The guitars and keyboards shine on “My Country” and Garrett is in strong voice.  After a sort of false start “Renaissance Man” begins and Garrett plays a strong harmonica.  The band then comes in and it starts to rumble forward.  Hillman has a strong bass tone and the band seems to be right with him.  The backing vocals on the track are “fun” with some Beatlesque harmonies.  “Earth and Sun and Moon” follows and the vocals are slightly distorted and the band crafts the song around it and by the end of the first verse Garrett has a clean vocal.  The mandolin is a nice touch. “Truganini” was probably the one single off the single the US market could recall.  It has a very the same feel as some of the more popular Oil tracks so its easy to grab on to.  Starting with a single acoustic guitar and just Garrett “Brushfire” gets underway.  As the full band being Moginie puts down a fun keyboard run while the vocals remain hushed.  “Drums of Heaven” has a good driving beat while “Outbreak of Love” quickly changes the mood/focus.  The band shows some great diversity of sound on the album.  Case in point, the acoustic lead “In the Valley” which opens up to one of Garretts shining moments vocally.  “Tell Me The Truth” has a great full chorus, where all the members seem to chime in.  The album concludes with “Now or Never Land” another track that showcases this is a “band” and not individuals.

Where are they now? – Midnight Oil is back on the road!

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting off? – I am a little more a sucker for the bands earlier work, but there are some decent moments on here.  I think the fact that band is/was back in the USA for the first time in 15 years drew me in.  Hopefully they were pleased with the shows and we might get a new album or US tour!

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