Friday, July 28, 2017

FDF Volume 4 Issue 375 - Amusement Parks on Fire - Road Eyes

Album – Road Eyes
Artist – Amusement Parks on Fire
Key Players – Gavin Poole – bass.  Michael Feerick – guitar, vocals. Joe Hardy – keyboards and guitar. Daniel Knowles –guitar. Peter Dale - Drums
Produced by – Michael Patterson

Release Date – September 2010

Overview – Hailing from Nottingham England and now based in the US the band was originally just a one man project of Feericks that began in 2004.   After some time the band was formed and touring took place.  Up to this point, the heavily shoe gazed infused band and released three albums.  This is the bands third release.

FDF Comments (aka “the Songs”) –  The nine track, 46 minute album opens with the title track “Road Eyes” which has some heavy guitar bass and drums but soaring and swirling vocals, that immediately set the tone of the record. “Flashlight Planetarium” features a guest spot from Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups and it’s easy to see the mutual admiration as the bands are nearly identical in their sound.  The big guitars, the solid vocal work, it’s an early stand out.  “Inside Out” starts a little quieter, with acoustic guitars and some minimalistic playing. After two verses the keyboards and drums bring up the volume but Feerick has found his comfort level in the vocals.  The production on the record is solid as you can hear all the layers on “Raphael” another track that showcases the soaring, yet somehow at the same time, subdued vocals.  Towards the end as it builds there is some really high female vocals (I think) and the band crashes it down to conclusion.  The rumble of the drums welcomes “Echo Park//Infinite Delay” another track that Siliversun Pickup fans would gravitate towards.  Even early Smashing Pumpkins fans would find this track compelling, “Wave of The Future” is similar.  The next track, “So Naturally” is just a solo acoustic track for the first verse.  Feerick is not pushing too hard, just having a quiet moment until he’s had enough and its an avalanche of guitars bass and drums.  The payoff is solid and it rolls quickly in to “Water From the Sun” another swirling, big guitar track.  The album concludes with “Inspects the Evil Side”

Where are they now? - Feerick has a second project, a duo, called Young Light that was formed in 2012.  The band appears to still be active as well.

FDF Overall Take/Was it Worth Dusting Off? – I can honestly say I have no idea what lead me to buy the cd in the first place.  Might have been a link to Sigur Ros or something at the time (they recorded at one of their studios).  It is a pretty safe listen.  Nothing got me to shoot out of my seat saying “wow I’ve missed this”.  The band is solid, and as noted it “sounds” really well produced.  Perhaps seeing them live would spark a renewed interest (hint, hint).  If you like the Silversun Pickups, you’ll like this record.

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