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FDF Vol 2 Issue 164: Motorhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

By: March

Album - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith
Artist - Motorhead
Key Players - "Fast" Eddie Clarke - guitar, backing vocals. Phil "Philthy Anima" Taylor -drums. Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister - bass and lead vocals.
Produced By - Vic Maile

Release Date - June 27, 1981

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Rolling Stong just did a spectacular article on Lemmy and I realized it had been some times since I listened to any Motorhead. I am surprised to report that I own more of their "recent" stuff than the older stuff, which is odd.

Overview - This was the first live album from the band was recorded on various nights during a short tour (none of which was actually the Hammersmith). This would be bands lone #1 record (in the UK). The band would fracture from this incarnation within a few years and many purists fine this the best line up. Lemmy has kept Motorhead alive since.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The collection opens up with the bands trademark tune "Ace of Spades" with Lemmys bass punching over the top before the band explodes around him. Taylor and Clarke lay the ground work right at the outset with cutting guitar lines and hammered drum lines. The lyrics are at breakneck speed and Lemmy sings with his whisky soaked howl. Taylor smacks the kit as "Stay Clean" opens. Lemmy gets some help from Clarke on the vocals and the band locks into that tight metal infused groove. Lemmy introduces "Metropolis" and Taylor rides over his cymbals before the Clarke comes in. Lemmy has a simple few bass notes and then the tune clicks off. Its a little more "melodic" than the prior two cuts. The guitar has more of a chime to it and the bass, although punchy, has more of a flow to it. Lemmy give the "thank you very much" and he intros "The Hammer" before Clarkes buzzy riff opens and we are slammed back down into the tune. Lemmy sings this one as fast as the albums opener and the band is really in punk rock mode. "Iron Horse" is a punchy more melodic song and towards the end the band almost works on odd time signatures, but it never strays from the deep rooted rock feel. We switch right back into the rock mode on "No Class". Taylor works the drums and the band follows suit keeping the odd time change in the middle. They feel straight forward, but they do what they can to change up the feel. Clarke rolls out a quick solo that is not too flashy. The album is full of trademark Motorhead tunes and "Overkill" is no exception. It is a punk speed metal song from the get go. The audience roars in approval but the band buries them with sound. Clarke scorches another solo and Lemmy howls at the moon per the norm. Taylor tries to click "(We are) The Road Crew" off, but Lemmy wants to dedicate it to the road crew and then they launch in to it. How Lemmy can hold up the growl in his voice is just stunning. The band locks in to a groove and Lemmy delivers the lyrics in rapid machine gun like precision. Lemmy talks up "Capricorn" before it begins and the bass gets the good punch we are used to from Lemmy. Clarke chimes over with some chords, but the bass and drums lock in to the groove. When the chorus comes it is much more basic musically. The band shows how tight they are in "Bomber" and everyone is really set on overdrive as this song just blasts forward with Clarke taking the lead over the band before it all crashes down in the end. The collection ends with the track "Motorhead" which has almost a rockabilly feel to it, but the power of the bass, drums and guitar wash that out of your head, but come the chorus you really can hear it. It is a fun, toe tapping hard rockin tune that wraps up the collection nicely.

Where are they now? - Motorhead are still active both as a studio unit and live act, but some things have changed. Clarke left the band in 1982 and worked in the band "Fastway" and then worked on other projects. He fell ill, but has since recovered and is rumored to be working on some additional Fastway material. Phil Taylor left the band in 1984 but came back in 1987. According to the wiki article on him, he was warned to straighten up his act and was later fired for a poor performance on a record. He is now a member of the band "Overkill". Lemmy still writes and tours as Motorhead and is a sought after guest on records. He is the subject of a documentary that was set to be out in 2009, but looks like we have to wait to 2010. (See links). The bands most recent studio record was called "Motorizer" and it came out in August of 2008.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - The lone time was part of Ozzfest 98. July 9, 1998 and it was only a "second stage" performance and probably just a tad over 30 minutes, but I think the capacity crowd did everything they could to squeeze into the tiny wooded area where the second stage was. They blew the leaves off the trees, I swear its true.

FDF Overall Take - Seriously, watch the the movie trailer below. I need to give these guys way more respect and more of my time. Its been far too long.

Links -
Official site here and myspace.

The movie trailer, here is something that needs to come out..NOW.

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

the mp3's have been removed.

No Class
The Hammer

Tracks taken from "No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith" which you can buy here .

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