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FDF Volume 2 Issue 162: Deee-Lite - World Clique

By: March

Album - World Clique
Artist - Deee-Lite
Key Players - DJ Dmitry, Jungle DJ Towa Towa, The Lady Miss Kier Kirby
Produced By - Deee Lite

Release Date - August 7, 1990

What caused me to blow off the dust? - The cd never really had dust on it. The reason being is I had it on cassette tape. I got a promo copy of it when I worked in a record store. The cd I stumbled upon for 99 cents a few months ago. Makes it easier for me to listen to, and share a track or two from if I have on cd.

Overview - Formed in New York City in the late 1980's, Deee Lite released a debut record that blended deep funk and dance grooves that slowly climbed the U.S. Charts. The band would be much bigger on the dance charts vs. the "pop" charts and would release two more albums after this before disbanding.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - A track added to the cd release was "Deee-Lite Theme" track penned by Herbie Hancock. The looping deep bass track gives a solid back beat and the band introduces themselves as who they are, and where they are from. The spoken portions are repeated over delay and phase before fading out to "Good Beat". "Good Beat" has a heavy dance groove and has splashes of a piano at time. Kier just says she wants a "good beat" and the tempo keeps steady but tosses in various instruments but doesn't stray from the groove it locks in to. Kier has a strong voice and uses it at the right times to really showcase the fullness the band can emote. One can easily hear the sample lifted from "Pump Up the Jam", and the vocal portion of the track is far longer than you'd expect for a dance track. A piano works the opening of "Power of Love" but the bass groove comes up quick and Kier does the harmonies with herself via over dubs (at least according the liner notes). The strong suit of the band is finding a tempo and marking that time. Kier opens up solo right out of the gate on "Try Me On...I'm Very You". After 20 seconds of some soulful singing the back beats come in and the oohs and ahhs begin before the bass bumps once more. There is a horn section utilized on the track and the track rolls from funky beats to soulful based jams. A real solid track. The drums and piano match great on "Smile On" before the horn sections come in. The group is throwing us in an odd direction here. There is a guitar part over the first portion that Kier sings. This track, at least vocally, is less urgent and allows for a more smooth delivery. "What Is Love? - Deee-Lite, Deee-Lite" repeats the song title over a heavy keyboard "boop doop" (one or two notes played at a time). The drums are very canned sounding and its remains instrumental barring the spoken portions until close to the two minute mark. Kier comes in and sings in french from time to time. The track rolls perfectly in to "World Clique" a track with a very familiar back beat and groove. (Pump up the Volume again) Kier sings quicker on this than some of the prior tracks and it has a far more up tempo over all feel (even for a dance/pop record). This was also a single from the record that had some pop radio air play. "E.S.P." is another track that locks in to a deep groove with a catchy back beat. The big money track "Groove Is in the Heart" follows. Surprised the albums single is this deep in to the record but it rewards the new listener right away. The vocals are catchy and it has to be that slide whistle that gets everyone falling into the "Groove". Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest as well as Bootsy Collins over vocal support (Bootsy on bass as well) The bass intro grabs you from the start and you shake right along with the percussive instruments. "Who Was That?" continues with the strong/solid back beat and smooth vocal delivery. The guitar has a punch on it working with the bass and you'd swear it was a toss off from an old Stevie Wonder record. "Deep Ending" was the closer of the record "pre cd version". Again, we hit a steady looped back beat and drive with the bass and lock in to the tried and true formula. The cd version wraps up with the instrumental track "Build the Bridge" a track that has a few "whoops" from the singer, but is not an overly interesting track.

Where are they now? - DJ Dmitry lives in Germany and still performs live. DJ Towa Towa also works as a full time DJ and is also a producer. Kier also works as a DJ and solo artist, and performs live from time to time. According to her entry on Wiki there are talks of a solo record being recorded with a future release date.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take - It might not be something I'd reach for every day, but this is a solid collection front to back. Really no "skippable" songs. If you were to play at a party you'd probably get pretty deep in to the record before people might notice, or ask who it is..then "Groove" will start and you'll be golden. It is too cheap to not grab. Do it today.

Lady Kier official and myspace pages.

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

the mp3's have been removed.

World Clique
Try Me On..I'm Very You
Groove is in the Heart

Tracks taken from World Clique, which you can buy here.

Disclaimer - For the most part songs listed you can find on iTunes or your local cd shop. The idea is to give you a little taste of the music. Please support the artist buy purchasing some of their work. Songs are posted for about 1 week but can and will be removed at the request of the artist, band, band management etc. If you are one of those persons contact me via the email link in the profile and they will be removed as soon as we are made aware of the request.


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

definatly worth dusting off from time to time- and it holds up well over time- however i have to correct one error - the album was not produced by bill coleman . let it be known it was produced by the 3 members of deee-lite . thanks for the support.

At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Gaz@NokiaMusic said...

Nice choice! This album was bangin' about during some of the best days of my life. I'm pretty sure they released a new album a couple years back.

At 8:52 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

anon- updated. Thank you for your imput.

Gaz - For new stuff I think it has been "best of's" etc. but i had a lot of fun listening again so I'd be curious about new music.

At 6:09 AM, Blogger Craig said...

great choice. This album rocked - and I still use 'Groove' as one of my phone ringtones !!!



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