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FDF Volune 3 Issue 357 - The Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out!

Album – The In Sound from Way Out!
Artist – The Beastie Boys
Key Players – Adam Yauch – bass. Mike D – Drums. Adam Horovitz - guitar
Produced By – Mario Caldato Jnr

Release Date – April 2, 1996

Overview – If you are looking for the rap and hip hop Beastie Boys this is not what you are looking for. If you are looking for three guys crafting some of the coolest jazz funk then you have come to the right place. Recorded in 1996 we were still two years away from “Hello Nasty” and the band, looking to do something different, did just that. The band didn't rush this out as some sort of statement either. Recorded over a span of four years the complexities of this record are really charming.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 13 track 38 minute track opens with “Groove Holmes”. An organ led (played by Mark Ramos Nishita on the record) the band just keeps it low and smooth. The guitar and bass blend well and Mike D is in no hurry so you get that real finger snapping smooth feeling. Horovitz lays down a funk filled wah wah guitar line as “Sabrosa” gets going. Latin percussion once more accompanies before Yauch and D join the fold. Yauch then walks all over the track with a great walking bass line from his upright. “Namaste” is a late night sounding smooth track with keyboards and guitar lightly playing off one another."Pow" is aptly titled as the bass drums and drums come right after you. The guitar breaks and organ fills are prime for that jazz funk moniker. A stellar track that has a great tempo drop. Being a shorter track they really get right after it. “Son of Neckbone” tricks you with the slower intro, but rewards you with the deep groove. The percussion instruments really fill out the sound on the track and D seems to get the most of his drum kit on this one. The track “In 3's” is/was always the stand out for me. I'll just leave it alone and force you to listen to it to figure out why. If you've never heard, enjoy. If you know why
(Listen). “Eugene's Lament” finds the band working with violin (Eugene Gore) and the band is quiet and slowly placing things together like a puzzle. The bass and drums are steady, but the slight plucking of guitar to an short run on the organ keep you wondering where it will all go. It comes back to Gore and his haunting work on the violin. “Bobo On The Corner” is a drum lead track that is just over a minute long. It feels like it could, or should be an intro to another track, but on its own it somehow works with the Mike D drums and Yauch bass line. “Shambala” opens with some throat singers and it is used for the track as an under layer. The track builds slowly around the guitar and drums. Horovitz finds his comfort on a nice repeated guitar line and the band locks in to a tight funk groove. Nishita comes back with the organ work on “Lighten Up”. The band seems to lock in to what Nishita puts down and lets him roll with it, but keeps it all tight. “Ricky's Theme” has a similar feel with much focus on the organ and drums. “Transitions” is another track that uses the slow climb of the keyboard. The bass and guitars get to show off some, but the track just wants to sit tight in the groove and make it unfold. The collection wraps up with “Drinkin Wine” which also happens to be the albums longest track (4:40) The are some back masking, reversed loops being played and it continues to be “backward” song for the duration.

Where are they now? - When Adam Yauch passed away in May of 2012 the Beastie Boys dissolved. Mike D has been working on various projects, and in October 2014 he said he was working with Portugal, The Man as a producer.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - This is a blast to listen to. Sometimes all you need is just that little bit to show you that you can't pigeonhole things. Maybe seen as arrogant at the time (I don't ever recall any sort of fall out) the band just went about and kept busy and creative. A band that is willing to really break the mold is a testament to their desire and abilities. If you can hang on with them you are a bigger fan than you realize.

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