Friday, September 19, 2014

FDF Volume 3 Issue 352 - Ours - Distorted Lullabies

Album – Distorted Lullabies
Artist - Ours
Key Players – Jimmy Gnecco – lead vocals and guitars on all tracks
Produced By – Steve Lillywhite, Mark Endert, Jimmy Gnecco, Mark Endert and James Bray

Release Date – May 15, 2001

Overview - This is the first official album from the New Jersey formed band “Ours”. For the most part the band is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Gnecco. Gnecco has always felt that adding new members to the mix keeps it more creative. This album was released and found modest success and the band started to make a name for themselves while supporting other major acts on tour. Within about 3 years the band had three releases. They might not be well known, but Gnecco's voice along with a strong live reputation have a fan base that is ever growing.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – Gnecco really does the bulk of the work on this 12 song record. Opening with "Fallen Souls" one thing that stands out right away his is vocals. The deep baritone can quickly change to a falsetto and the music swirls around him. He'll reach up vocally and then come right back down. The guitars are solid and the drums and bass keep everything in check. Right out of the gate you get an understanding this guy has some talent. “Drowning” has a great drum and guitar intro that attacks the listener. The vocals are a bit more falsetto here but the production showcases the bass well. “I'm A Monster” finds Gnecco more laid back than the other two tracks. More acoustic and hushed drums give him room to expand vocally. More pianos and orchestral sections find him in a very comfortable place. Released as a single  "Sometimes"  was met with moderate success. The guitars are layered and it has that big rock intro that grabs you. It was a solid choice for a single. “Merryhead” is a bit more erratic at the start with the vocals off set to the beat and everything getting quiet and Gnecco croons and with a drum beat its set back in motion. A bit more keyboard layers here too to break up the rock/slap back beat. One needs to remember that much of this record is just one guy and "Here is the Light"  will have you wondering how he does it. You'll need to listen for yourself to get it.“Medication” is a quieter track with more focus on the acoustic side of instruments, but that changes as the drums come in. It builds in speed but the string layers add a great touch and his vocals here might be the finest on the record. We continue “quiet” with “Dancing Alone” but Gnecco breaks that vibe and the full band joins in as he continues to shine vocally. Again, the layer upon layer of instruments is just astonishing. “Bleed” fits right in with the feel of the record with his vocals all over the range (a good thing). “Dizzy”also is right at home. For the duration of the record I keep feeling like I hear Jeff Buckley, and that is not a bad thing. “Meet Me In the Tower” is another testament to that fact. “As I Wander” closes the album with acoustic guitar, bass and Gnecco. After a bit there is some electric guitar, but nothing is in a rush and Gnecco seems to be even higher with his falsetto than ever before.

Where are they now?  Gnecco is still busy with the project. He released a solo record in 2010 and 2011. Ours most recent release came out in 2013 entitled “Ballet the Boxer 1”

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? There is no denying that he is very talented and this album showcases so much.  Its sadly overlooked and the people that do know of the band, and his work will talk your ear off (in a good way) to get you to pay attention.  Its okay to jump on now.

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