Friday, October 10, 2014

FDF Volume 3 Issue 354 - Animal Logic - Self Titled.

Album – Animal Logic

Artist – Animal Logic

Key Players – Deborah Holland – vocals. Stewart Copeland – drums. Stanley Clarke – bass

Michael Thompson – guitar and banjo

Produced By – Stanley Clarke and Stewart Copeland

Release Date - 1989

Overview – This is the debut record from the band “Animal Logic”. The trio consisted of Deborah Holland on vocals, Stewart Copeland, well know for his work as the drummer in the Police and jazz bass player Stanley Clarke. The band would not last very long, releasing just two records.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The ten tracks clock in just shy of 40 minutes. The album opens with
 "There's A Spy (In The House of Love)" ”. Right away you are greeted with the solid and strong vocals of Holland. Coupled with the systematic drumming of Copeland and rich bass fills from Clarke, you are in for a ride. “Someday We'll Understand” is awash with atmospheric keyboards and again as Holland begins to sing you are pulled in. She has a very strong voice. There is a bit more pop in Clarke’s bass work and Copeland shines as expected. Michael Thompson is the guitarist on all the tracks and he has a nice intro as “Winds of Santa Ana” begins. The track has a little less driving force at the start and its a bit more of a laid back delivery, yet Holland still pushes her range, and it is especially noticeable during the chorus. A bit more acoustic/flamenco guitar greets you as “I'm Through With Love” and it has a fun tempo. The band is not locked in to one style, which keeps you guessing and the listen all the more refreshing. Copeland is right out of the gates on "As Soon As The Sun Goes Down" as it starts as the prior song is fading. Clarke joins in the party and the two lock in to a groove before Holland comes in. Another solid effort. “I Still Feel For You” finds Copeland with that trade mark cymbal work. His drum strikes are always so punchy and you know right away it shim playing. The chorus is solid and the band continues the path of catchy tracks. Clarke gets his due at the intro on “Elijah” and the band then settles in. There is a bit more banjo work from Thompson on this track, but Clarke still continues to find that solid bottom. “Firing Up the Sunset Gun” finds that bass sounds that has made Clarke well known and the he kicks back to let Holland open up. The more I listen the more I tend to fall in love with Hollands voice. She really shines. “Someone To Come Home To” finds the band at about their “rocking-ness” and its a good shell to come out of. “I'm Sorry Baby (I Want You In My Life)” wraps up the record and the track has horns and is much more piano led then we've gotten used to. Its a pretty song, ends the record on sort of a down note though.

Where are they now? - The band dissolved and the members have been on to other projects. Copeland and Clarke work in various bands and produce etc. Clarke has a new album that came out on September 30th. Holland has released seven albums since the demise of the band. A few under the band “Refugees” and a few solo albums.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - Musically it is a a terrific record. There are some very talented and skilled players on the record. It might be a bit too campy for some. Not sure if the lyrics are corny or not., but it feels a bit more like a record your Mom would listen to. Not that its a bad thing, your mom has incredible taste. Might not pull you in all the time, but I find it a rewarding collection of songs.

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