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FDF Volume 3 Issue 350 - Garbage Garbage

Album - Garbage
Artist - Garbage
Key Players – Duke Erikson – guitars, keyboard, bass. Steve Marker – guitars, bass, samples, loops.
Shirley Manson – vocals, guitar. Butch Vig- drums, loops
Produced By - Garbage

Release Date – August 15, 1995

Overview - Formed in 1993 the Madison Wisconsin based band “Garbage”. Manson was coming out of the band “Angelfish” and the others worked in various levels of production and engineering (as well as bands). They'd release this, their debut that would become a worldwide hit. It sold well, but with regard to US Charts it peaked at #20, slowly getting there despite the singles doing well. The band would continue to write and tour. They are active again, but see the “where are they now” for updated information.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The twelve tracks clock in just over 50 minutes. Opening with
“Supervixen” you will be impressed with the production. When you have a few of them in the band you'll notice the focus. The full band opens up and when Manson begins to sing it is a bit hushed until they head to the chorus when Vig gets the drums going a bit more. Erikson has a pretty good section on the guitar and Manson exudes sex appeal as she purrs the lyrics. “Queer” was the third official single to be released from the record. The shimmering guitar line and smooth vocals pull the listener in. A bit more focus on the keyboards and loops here than the opener. The track swells to the chorus and the bass work is smooth and clean. It has a pretty smooth overall vibe and then Erikson and Vig get it pushed some, but Mansons vocals smooth it all out. The second single released from the record was “Only Happy When It Rains” and you'll hear this on the radio still fairly often. The track is a standout of a bit more of the rocking side of the band. The guitars and Manson are the focus on this track. Soak it in once more.  “As Heaven Is Wide” is more bass driven with Manson sliding in. There is a bit more keyboard interplay as well with Vig having a robotic drum tempo laid down. We are a bit more straight up rock as “Not My Idea” rolls out. The guitars are right in your face, but are tight and clean. The loops and keyboards give the song the electronic back beat and Vig does the fills. Marker and Erikson swap guitar lines. “A Stroke of Luck” is a track that is heavily focused on the keyboards. Again with the layers and the basic back beat Manson is hushed and slow to break out allowing the music to really fill any gaps. The first single released off the record was “Vow”. The guitars reverberate across the speakers and after a little from Manson the full band comes in. It has a big full rock feel to it, but there are stronger songs that could have, should have been the lead off single. Its strong and would serve as a fine example of what the band is about, so that must have been the reasoning. (Actually it was released as a single at the time because it was the first song that was fully produced) The fourth song released as a single (and second you probably still hear pretty regularly) is "Stupid Girl"
 It always gets me with the the same drum riff a “Train in Vain” by the Clash, but its a solid track that still stands up well. (Also the drums are sampled off “Orange Crush” from R.E.M). The attack is back on the track  “Dog New Tricks”. The buzz of the bass drives the track and Manson is off to the races. Once the chorus comes in the band really seems to come together in one joyous riff. The intro on “My Lover's Box” gives you the impression they are going to rock, and they do, but hold it to the chorus. The guitars get a work out on “Fix Me Now” which is a nice change. At times it feels a bit too slick so when the band goes “traditional rock” its refreshing. “Milk” closes out the record, which was the 5th and final single to come off the record. Manson is much more laid back and the keyboards are there to provide ambiance.

Where are they now? - The band has actually gone on hiatus a few times, actually disbanding once while recording of their fourth album. They'd reform and complete it, tour, but halt that to go on hiatus.
During down time the band had other projects from acting to production. Vig has produced many records including the upcoming release from the Foo Fighters. Their most recent studio album was released in 2012 called “Not Your Kind of People” but there are talks of a new album coming out in 2014.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - This is a good snapshot of the mid 1990s. Its got the grunge elements that folks might have wanted at the time, but the clean and solid production give it a really solid “listen”. Combine the sultry Shirley Manson and you've got a winning combination. The band is back together so it will be interesting to see where they take it to next.

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