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FDF Volume 3 Issue 333 - Thelonious Monster - Beautiful Mess

Album – Beautiful Mess

Artist – Thelonious Monster

Key Players – Chris Handsome – guitar. Dix Denny – guitar. Peter Weiss – drums. Bob Forrest – vocals. Martin LeNoble – bass. Zander Scholls - guitar

Produced By – Joe Hardy

Release Date – October 12, 1992

Overview – This is the fourth album from California based band “Thelonious Monster”. The LA based band has been active for years and are widely respected among musical acts. The band often has a rotating set of musicians on records and in live settings. They took a short break, but continue to write and perform at their own pace.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 11 track album opens up with the fun "I Live In A Nice House"
 a jangly guitar led romp. It was the song that got me to buy the record its just a happy fun song. Weiss won't let it get to quick and holds a steady beat as the guitars just wash over. “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” is a quieter acoustic led track with just Forrest and a lone guitar and after a bit the full band kicks in and they take off. They have found their groove and the bass work comes up with a fun walking line. The band joins in on backing vocals for a really nice full sound. “Body and Soul?” has a nice long wah wah guitar solo.“Adios Lounge” has the grovel voiced accompaniment of Tom Waits. Its a slower track, with a lot of piano (as expected). We continue with some of the mellow side of the band on “I Get So Scared” as the drums are calm and the guitars play off one another. Forrest is in no rush and the band follow suit. “Song For A Politically Correct Girl From The Valley” brings back some the more electric, almost funk driven style from the band. Forrest sings about as quickly as we've heard and the guitars are crunchy and a lot of fun. The topic alone is good fodder and the lyrics are equally as funny. There is a great guitar solo and the band falls in to that “jam” mode which is fun to listen to. I wish there were more moments like this. “Ain't Never Been Nuthin' For Me In This World” is another really fun track. Musically you can hear the guys smiling as they are playing. It just locks a tight groove they are all playing well off one another. We hear a bit more organ, and drums kick off “Bus With No Driver”. The guitars are clean and compliment the bass and drums. There appears to be a higher female voice on backing vocals, but the liner notes doesn't seem to mention who it is, but you were noticed! The organ is also used on the back end of the track, a nice change. The track “Vegas Weekend” has a buzzy and gritty guitar sound but it lacks a solid direction, it just seems to find its riff and it repeats. “Weakness In Me” tilts towards the ballad area (at least for this band). The album concludes with “The Beginning And The End #12 N 35” which is just a track of under 1 minute of nonsense. Not at all needed.

Where are they now? - The band was active from about 1983 to 1994 and then they took a break until about 2004. They play shows here and there. Bob Forrest is a recovering addict and is widely respected as a survivor and council person. His story was made in to a documentary

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - There are some fun moments and talented players for sure. On a whole there might be a too much variation for most on the tracks. A ballad to a rocker, to a funk feel. Could be a challenge to some, worthy to others. If you stumble across it, grab it you may be inspired.

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