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FDF Volume 3 Issue 328 - Low Fidelity All Stars - How to Operate With a Blown Mind

Album – How To Operate With A Blown Mind
Artist – Lo Fidelity AllStars
Key Players – Dave Randall (the Wrekked train) – vocals.  Phil Ward (the albino priest) – decks and samples.  Andy Dickinson (A One Man Crowd called Gentile) – bass.  Johnny Machin (The slammer)
drums.  “Sheriff” John Stone – keyboards.  Matt Harvey – keyboards.
Produced By – Lo Fidelity All Stars
Release Date – January 19, 1999
Overview – Electronica band who is London based formed in the around 1996..  The band would use various styles, including heavy funk rhythms, to explode on to the scene in the late 90's.  With the momentum of this debut the band recorded and released a quick follow up.  Members came and went but the band continues on and have released seven albums, and one ep to date.
FDF Comments (aka the songs) – This is a long record.  11 tracks just about 70 minutes in length.  Starts off with Randall reading as  “Warming Up The Brain Farm” heats up.  The beats drop and it finds that rewarding “thump” you'd expect from a dance track.  Layers of samples and scratches find the track feeling a little the same, but still it has a tight groove.  “Kool Roc Bass” segues effortlessly and follows suit as you'd expect.  Deep grooves, scratches and samples.  There is a heavy buzz on
“Kasparov's Revenge” and Randall is back in the forefront with his powerful and unique sounding voice.  The tempo is furious on “Blister on My Brain” and you can hear how all the bands at the time seem to influence one another (Chemical Brothers to Jamiroquai).  “How to Operate With a Blown Mind” is far more laid back, easily the mellowest of tracks thus far.  Tripped out instruments with a slow to be delivered vocal.  It heats up some, but leans on that heavy back beat as its showcase.  “I Used to Fall in Love” feels a little out of place with its tempo (sort of too moody and slow) but that just sets up  "Battle Flag"  (this is the uncensored version) all the more.  This is/was probably the song you'd recognize.  What stands out the most for me on this is how this track was used during an episode of ER when two doctors were stabbed by a crazed patient.  It was used perfectly and it always brings me back that episode when I hear this song.  “Lazer Sheep Dip Funk” has heavily distorted vocals, but keeps with the tempo of Battle Flag and is interesting enough.  “Will I Get Out of Jail?”is another slower track that doesn't want to take off too quickly with the swirling keyboard lines and long drones.  “Vision Incision” has the first real tease with female backing vocals.  The album concludes with “Nightime Story”

Where are they now? - The band is still making music and in 2013 they released a self titled album. Randall left after the debut.
FDF Overall Take - The record is sort of what you'd expect.  Its got that 90's techno feel that was starting to get popular.  The songs that are good I find to be really good.  US audiences seemed to dwindle but for “Battle Flag” alone its worth it.
Links “Find out More”, Follow em and Buy
They have a very old myspace page, and the album is a cut out now, but you can find a copy 
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