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FDF Volume 3 Issue 329 - Kerbdog - Kerbdog.

Album - Kerbdog
Artist - Kerbdog       
Key Players -  Cormac Battle – vocals, guitar.  Colin Fennelly – bass. Darragh Butler – drums. Billy Dalton - guitar

Produced By – Jack Endino

Release Date - 1994

Overview -  Formed in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1991 the band gigged out of London for a bit but didn't get much attention.  Named in honor of a Californian BMX team the band got their break as tour openers for the band Therapy?  They recorded their demo with grunge producer Jack Endino and they continued to tour.  They'd release a second record but it was held up with delays and band members started to depart.  It was all over by 1998

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The ten track 37 minute album kicks off with "End of Green"I first heard this song on a CMJ new music sampler and it got me to buy the full length.  Its got that big grungy sound with the buzzy guitars and thumping bass and drums.  Battle has a solid voice for the type of music and it has some big hooks in those riffs.  A solid album opener that showcases the layers of vocals and harmonies.  Its not what you'd expect in a “grunge” song.  “Dry Riser”  follows suit and the riffs from Dalton and Battle run in tandem for some big sounds, then they switch to muted tones, but come back solid.  You like meaty riffs, say hello to “Dead Anyway”.  The distortion on the guitars has a real clean/crisp buzz to it that swirls with the off tempos tossed from Butler.  “Cleaver” continues with the attack and you are hardly let down.  Fennelly gets to intro up “Earthworks” as the solo bass gets the nod before guitars and drums come up.  The vocals are a bit more soaring on this, vs the attack we've had up to this point.  Fennelly gets to show his chops later has he and Butler get in to a breakdown and the bass is right up in the mix.  This is also the longest track on the album at 4:11.  The guitars get a workout as always and “Dummy Crusher” is no exception, while “The Inseminator” has Fennelly alone at the intro again.  Battle has a particular growl on this track.  “Clock” at the start is the quietest song on the record as the two guitars play off one another.  It gets a bit more urgent, but never has the speed as the other tracks.  A power ballad, nah..but its slower.  “Schism” is not a Tool track, but it could be.  It is not as progressive, but equally as punishing.  We close off with “Scram” a  track that fits perfect in to that time capsule of 90's rock.

Where are they now?  Battle and Butler formed the band “Wilt” quickly after the demise of Kerbdog, they'd disband by 2003.  Kerbdog would reform in2005, 2008 2011 and 2013 for one off gigs.  Battle works in radio, Fennelly is a civil engineer and Dalton works for a family company.  Butler owns a music shop and has formed a band called “Souls”.

FDF Overall Take – For fans of 90's grunge you'd fit right in and have a band to talk about that not a ton of folks in the US knew about.  It has aged fine, for what it is, and if you are a fan of the style you'd be pleased.

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