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FDF Volume 3 Issue 332 - The Music - Welcome to the North

Album – Welcome to the North
Artist – The Music
Key Players – Robert Harvey – vocals, guitar. Adam Nutter – lead guitar. Stuart Coleman – bass. Phil Jordan – drums.

Produced By – Brendan O'Brien

Release Date – September 20, 2004

Overview - This is the second full length release from British alternative rock band “The Music”. Formed in 1999 the members all met in high school. The band recorded a demo in 2001 and an ep in 2002. Their debut, released the same year went to #4 on the British charts. Come the time of “Welcome to the North” the band was a full fledged touring act but there were delays in recording the third album. It was revealed that some drug and alcohol issues had resurfaced with the band members. The band worked to release a third album but Harvey left a year later. The band broke up in the summer of 2011.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 11 track 55 minute album begins with the title track “Welcome to the North”. It starts with some dual guitars before the full band comes in. Harvey has a powerful and high vocal range. Nutter and Harvey are solid with the guitar attack while Coleman and Jordan keep things pretty level."Freedom Fighters"  was released as a single in the UK where it cracked the top 10. Jordan gives the roll off the snare and high hat before the two guitars come buzzing in on a looping riff. Coleman remains solid as everyone comes together and they push to a frantic chorus.  “Bleed From Within” as a quicker pace, but more of a stark contrast in down time. Jordan again pushes the band forward and seems to have a bit more a preference towards his tom toms and there is a phased out drum/percussion jam at the end of the track. The big money song for these ears comes with"Breakin'"  An infectious track. I'll just let you listen. “Cessation” has a frantic punk rock feel with the band really hammering down. “Fight the Feeling” is the slowest track on the album to this point with it being really just a light bass/drum and lightly strummed guitar as Harvey is showcased. “Guide” has a cool fuzzy bass intro and the band is more to the pop/rock feel. It has a 60's vibe to it as well. The band seems to use some layers on the vocals on this to expand the sound more.  “In to the Night” has a similar fun feel to it, while “I Need Love” has much more a frantic tempo set forth by Jordan and the band seems eager to play right along. “One Way In, No Way Out” gets a bit sludgier, but as the track progresses the Harvey soars vocally and we get some piano fills to give it a deeper and fuller sound. The album ends (at least track wise) with “Open Your Mind”, a track that has the band with acoustic guitars and some effect on the vocals. Coleman and Jordan are strong and Nutter seems to go after it pretty good when the electric guitar is brought up. Hit the FF button to approx 6:05 and you'll come upon “The Walls Get Smaller”, an instrumental track that is a nice find, especially for fans of rock instrumentals (post rock etc)

Where are they now? Harvey did some work with “The Streets” and he has since worked with Mike Skinner of “The Streets” to form “The D.O.T” who released and album in October 2012.

FDF Overall Take/Was is worth Dusting Off? - There are some really solid moments on there. The guitar playing is good, but its the vocals that grab you mostly. I'd buy it all over again just for “Breakin'” personally.

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