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FDF Volume 4 Issue 316 - Judas Priest - Turbo

Album - Turbo
Artist – Judas Priest
Key Players – Dave Holland – drums. Ian Hill – bass. Glenn Tipton – guitar. K.K. Dowling – guitar. Rob Halford – vocals.

Produced By – Tom Allom

Release Date – April 14, 1986

Overview – Formed in Birmingham England in 1969 Judas Priest would go on to become one of the biggest names in the genre of “heavy metal”. This is the tenth studio album from the band. This record was the first record where the band tested the waters with guitar synthesizers. The band had intended for this release to be a double album but they decided to go with a single. This album would sell well, but fans and the band had a love/hate relationship with it as fans felt it started to dip in to “glam rock” a bit too much. Still, it makes “most essential” metal lists to this day....and around this time "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" was filmed.  (seriously...take your time and watch this if you've never seen...even if you have...) “Graham, like gram of dope”

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – Just nine songs and a tad over 40 minutes the album opens with
"Turbo Lover"    Halford starts off quiet as Holland hammers out the drum line, the guitars are kept in check for a bit, but it all comes together as the chorus just erupts. No before Halford brings the slow and steady vocal crescendo. On the chorus you really get the feel of the guitar synthesizers that were so polarizing to fans, but the bass work of Hill is a bit more prominent.  "Locked In" opens with the dual guitars and then one changes to the synthesizer. It has a driving beat and Halford remains strong with his soaring operatic vocals. This is the first track that has more of a backing vocal section as well with it filling out the tune along side Holland's big fills. Downing and Tipton trade metal guitar licks and all is right in the world. “Private Property” fuller band on vocals, but still simple guitar work at start and we get the guitar solo.  "Parental Guidance" 80's sort of slock intro with the two guitars, pause, drums come in etc. Its still a pretty fun tune, didn't age the best, but solid idea of the band at the time. “Rock You All Around The World” has the dual guitars with big crash downs before driving beat, before lyrics a quick guitar fill. Halford is really solid, but the constant repetition of the title is a little off putting. “Out In The Cold” slow keyboard into, with the drums feeling labored before the band comes in, one of the longer guitar solos on the album, still far more keyboards that fans might have wanted.  “Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days” - big guitar intro, stadium drums. “Hot for Love” sorta the same old. Choppy keyboard fill later, long guitar solo. “Reckless” what we've come to expect. Nothing really new and doesn't help or hinder the record as a closer.

Where are they now? - Barring a hiatus from 93-96 the band has been active since 1969. Downing “retired” from the band in 2001. Holland left the band by the end of the 80's. Hill, Tipton and Halford are still with the the band and a new record is due in 2013.

FDF Overall Take - I am even less than a casual fan of the band. I like what I like it seems and even that casual a fan one could see how long time fans may have found this record a bit off putting. Where it rocks, this record is up there with the heaviest of music at the time, but some of the change ups are sort of odd. If you can get this for cheap it is not terrible, but if you are curious about the Priest, a best of collection will suit you fine.


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