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FDF Volume 4 Issue 314 - Hum - Electra 2000

Album – Electra 2000
Artist - Hum
Key Players – Tim Lash – guitar. Bryan St.Pere – drums. Jeff Dimpsey – bass. Matt Talbot – guitar, vocals

Produced By – Brad Wood and Hum

Release Date – October 19, 1993

Overview – This is the second album from Illinois band “Hum”. The band, who would blend elements of post rock into their sound were well known for big sounding guitar tracks. They'd garner some success on their follow up "You'd Prefer an Astronaut" with its lead off single “Stars” and release a fourth full length, but due to lackluster sales the band was dropped from their label.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The album is nine tracks long clocking in just shy of 50 minutes in run time. Opening with "Iron Clad Lou"  its a slow and quiet build up with St.Pere slowly rolling across the kit as Lash, Talbot and Dimpsey play a few notes, come the 1:31 mark St.Pere rumbles across the kit and off they go. Talbot's vocals are up front, and what they lack in perhaps a “classic power” they fill in nicely with the barrage that is going on. This band makes a big sound for four guys. Its simple, tight and pummeling. About the 3:40 mark Dimpsey lays down a quick shift on the bass and the other three find this great grinding riff. St.Pere keeps it tight and tosses in some great fills off the ride cymbal and Lash goes after a solo. The buzz saw grind of the guitars will get your blood flowing as it just drives and drives. This goes on for a bit before another quick burst of the earlier hook and then St.Pere closes it all down. “Pinch and Roll” starts off quiet, but don't let that fool you, they attack with full force once more. The vocals are a little compressed and the production focus seems to be on the slap of St.Pere's drums (which is fine) but Dimpsey also seems to have a nice bass line going, that at one point is the lone instrument going. Talbot goes after this one, singing quickly and getting to the scream level as the song builds to climax. Lash and Talbot play well off one another and the sound continues to be massive. “Shovel” follows suit with the big drum intro and the guitars layered on each other and Talbot continues to be sort of pushing the vocals. “Pewter” starts off a bit quieter, which in a way can be a welcome change. Talbot is far more at ease, not pushing the vocals, singing almost in a hushed tone. Lash, St.Pere and Dimpsey are solid companions here as Talbot works to bring the vocals up and they swell in unison to a glorious explosion after the verse. The song still has the driving and heavy feel as Talbot seems pressed futher vocally. “Scraper” is lead by St.Pere and Dimpsey at the start. Talbot has compressed vocals again as Lash chops some guitar lines but St.Pere and Dimpsey must have collapsed at the end of this tune, its just a driving tune that doesn't seem to let the two have any down time.. “Firehead” is about as slow as the band gets. This is mostly reflected in the delivery of the vocals. Talbot seems almost passive on the delivery as the band works behind him, its a good sign on the record the band is more than a one trick pony. The band tries some different phases on the guitar for a unique sound. "Sundress"  is another blast, with the two guitars really going at it, something about this tune is right on all levels. “Double Dip” is another track that breaks from the mold. Dimpsey gets the lead here with a melodic bass line and the band seems to loose direction on this, its not the best of tunes on the record, the end makes up for a lot of it. The album closer though is the stuff of, what should be, legend. “Winder”. Dimpsey loops on a bass line as St.Pere comes along, then Talbot and Lash. As the band locks in to a swirly, fuzzed out guitar intro Lash solos over the top and St.Pere tosses in some odd tempos, suddenly it all slows and Talbot starts to sing quietly. After a few lines it hammers down and the sound of the guitars is to die for. Just this massive brick to the face. We get this repeated, each with the same result of “holy shit”. After the first time it happens the band has a musical interlude and Lash keeps a solo somewhat in check, but by the second time he takes off more. St.Pere is a machine here. He and Dimpsey are the glue and as the second explosion looms you'll wonder why this song isn't huge. It has ALL the elements of a rock song. For what seems like minutes the band just jams, and it builds (start about 4:28) and when St.Pere hits the drums like they owe him money the whole band is just on the attack. Walls and walls of riffs and guitars and bass and drums. For fuck sake just LISTEN to it. This tune should have been, or should be called as an influence far more often.

Where are they now? - The four guys have gone on to various bands and other side projects. They've all seemed to have started families and will occasionally play reunion type shows. The bands official site (see below) is updated, albeit it not too frequently with the goings on, including a re-press of “You'd Prefer” with some sad news in that the band had nothing to do with it and may see no money from its release.

Just something fun to add to the post. This picture is of the the debut as an original pressing. The first 1000 pressed had the logo in black/white. Notice the “stock” image, used above has the red inside. I got this signed when I saw the band on tour and it was cool to hear them each acknowledged that I had a very early pressing of the album Before ebay and all that stuff, its the version my cd shop had in stock

FDF Overall Take - The production on the record is not too bad and you can hear everyone and everything well enough. There might a few lulls here, but the upside is more prevalent. The first and last songs are worth it alone, and why this band, or album is not mentioned more as influential albums is beyond me.


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