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FDF Volume 4 Issue 308 - Sky Cries Mary - A Return to The Inner Experience

Album – A Return to the Inner Experience
Artist – Sky Cries Mary
Key Players – DK Fallout -samples, turntables, drum machines. Joseph E. Howard – double bass, mellotron, sitar. Bennett James – drums, percussion. Marc Olsen – guitar. Gordon Raphael – keyboards. Anisa Romero – vocals. Roderick Wolgamott Romero – vocals.

Produced By – Norman Kerner

Release Date – May 4, 1993

Overview – Formed in the late 1980s in Seattle this “trance” rock band was formed by a husband and wife team who would single the lead vocals as a duo. They'd release a few records and with each the line up would expand. This was the second full length from the band. Embracing new technology the band were one of the first to ever perform an “internet only” concert. The band would break up on 1999. One of the later bass players (Jon Davison) is now the lead vocalist for the band “Yes”.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - This is a pretty long record, just over 70 minutes the 14 song albums includes two covers, “2000 Light Years from Home” from the Rolling Stones as well as “We Will Fall” which is a Stooges song, is the album closer. The album opener “Walla Walla” is a slow building track with heavy tribal drums and the washes of guitar and sitar. The bass is unique as well, but its the percussion instruments that reach out and shake you with their tempo. The album has early seqways and "Moving Like Water" have the haunting call and response vocals. Roderick has the low range while Anisa soars over his repeating the lines. On tracks like “Gone” there are more keys and almost a funky “wah wah” guitar line over a really fun bass line. Lots of stuttered musical textures as well. “Circus Church” kicks off with, and maintains a real solid bass line while tracks like “When the Fear Stops” are intense slow burning tracks. The blend of funk to tribal beats is consistent as well on tracks like “Broken Down” but they are quick to mellow it all out with the acoustic guitar lead “Rosaleen”. This albums seems to have it all, great vocals, haunting melodies and instruments ranging from oboe to sitar.

Where are they now? Gordon Raphael has done a lot of producing and is well known for his work with the Strokes. Anisa Romero went back to school and lives in New York City. She is an artist and designer

FDF Overall Take – If you are a fan of bands like Dead Can Dance or This Mortal Coil you'll like it. The tempos are a bit quicker which is nice when the music overall fells somewhat “mellow” when it really isn't. The band is full of talent and the listen is a great experience.

Official Site
Gordon's Page
Anisa's design page.

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