Friday, March 27, 2015

FDF Volume 3 Issue 366 - Silverchair - Freakshow

Album – Freak Show
Artist - Silverchair
Key Players – Chris Joannou – bass. Ben Gillies – drums. Daniel Johns – guitar, vocals.
Produced By – Nick Launay

Release Date – February 3, 1997

Overview - After the massive success of “Frogstomp” the band released this follow up. It was written even while the band was riding the wave of success and they chose to go a bit darker. It was met with positive reviews and the band launched a tour. They'd go on to release three more studio albums before deciding to take a break.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - The 13 track 49 minute album opens with “Slave” and fans that liked the bands debut are quickly assured things would be the same. The power trio has a heavy, sludge sound on the opening track with start/stop drums and a swampy bass and guitar. “Freak” continues with the big sound and was released as a single from the record. Another single from the record was “Abuse Me” a track that starts off with a more phased out psychedelic guitar. Its a bit more laid back that the prior two songs and Johns has a voice fit for the role. “Lie to Me” has a punk rock romp to it and changes gears for the band which is a nice touch. “No Association” give Joannou a moment up front as he and Gillies build things up. Johns has hushed and dark vocals before he shouts and the band crashes in. It a record that is a slice in time for this era for sure. “Cemetery” was another single that was the “acoustic” side of the band. Typical of the time to show the bands diversity. Its an okay enough song. “The Door” was a song that grabbed me from the very start of this record. Sort of a sitar type sound opening the record, but it just has a tight rowdy groove to it and Johns sounds comfortable with his range. “Pop Song for Us Rejects” is a more acoustic based track that has a campfire sing along element to it. The band uses some strings again to fill in the sound as well, but then stomp on pedals and make everything loud again, which is fine. “Petrol and Chlorine” has the band in full rage mode and they change gears again for “Roses”. The whole record ends strong with a mixture of the heavy to light. Perhaps a bit too often, but overall its a solid vibe.

Where are they now? - The band is currently on an “indefinite hibernation”. The band hasn't ruled out working together but have spun off on various projects and solo efforts.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off?
It might not have aged the best but its not terrible. These were young kids sort of thrust in to stardom and they turned out okay. A few singles here and there are worthy of your time if you like the straight up rock sound. Dust it off and smile once more, you probably have one of their records in your collection.

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