Friday, February 20, 2015

FDF Volume 3 Issue 364 - Honcho Overload - Pour Another Drink

Album – Pour Another Drink
Artist – Honcho Overload
Key Players - Jeff Dimpsey -guitar, Kevin Driscoll - guitar, Bill Johnson - vocals, Mike Rader - drums Matt Talbot - bass

Produced By - Adam Schmitt

Release Date - 1994

Overview – Formed as sort of an “off shoot” of other bands this Illinois band wrote and recorded two records. It was largely a creative outlet for the guys and by 1995 it was over.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – Nine tracks at just over 40 minutes long opens with “Molasses” and if you are a fan of the early 90's alternative guitar sound this is a great opener. The drums are simple, but tight and Johnson has a baritone voice that slowly begins to resonate and he really shines on this,and through out the record. One of the greatest songs ever comes in “Unicorns and Rainbows”. Honestly, just stream it..the whole thing. You'll see. The guitars, the vocals. Seriously, let it get ripping. What are you waiting for...go now!  “Formula One Headache” has the same urgency with rumbling of drums and chugging bass lines while “She Knows How To Turn off The Sound” seems to have almost a pop/punk feel (but still with those guitars!!) . “Two-Star” has a darker, slower tempo with spoken word and the guitars layered while Johnson sings in a style you'd think he had a hooded sweatshirt pulled up and singing towards the floor.  “Just In Time” is another track that is for guitar lovers, just the layers and layers. How they did this, and kept doing it is what keeps you coming back. The end of this track as Johnson really stretches vocally and the guitars compliment him for a soaring, chills down your spine run. Great track. “Stereoblaster” has a great bass line sort of snuggled under the guitar riffs and again Johnson finds his range and soars above it all. “Bug” is a slower track with Johnson having heavily distorted vocals and a slower drum line from Rader and even the bass feels plodding at times. “Everyone Smiles” is more a muffled solo by Johnson..almost sung in to an answering machine. It sounds more like an “idea” of a song than “a song”.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off?
There are some really excellent moments here.  I first heard about this band when I called Parasol Mail Order out of Chicago.  The guy that answered the phone that day made this suggestion as I told him I liked the band "Hum" a lot.  Come to find out it was Bill Johnson.  We'd have conversations time and again when I ordered things.  Just a great capture of the time of what I was in to and honestly "Unicorns and Rainbows" is a song you all wish you wrote.

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Not a ton out there on these guys, but you can buy/stream the records (buy em!) on
their Bandcamp Page
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