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FDF Volume 3 Issue 365 - Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill

Album – Jagged Little Pill
Artist – Alanis Morissette
Key Players - Alanis Morissette – vocals and harmonica. Glen Ballard – guitar, keyboards, programming. Dave Navarro – guitar (You Outta Know). Basil Fung – guitar. Michael Landau – guitar. Joel Shearer – guitar. Lance Morrison – bass (on six tracks). Flea – bass (You Outta Know). Michael Thompson – organ. Benmont Tench – Organ.

Produced By – Glen Ballard

Release Date – June 13, 1995

Overview – It is sort of hard to “forget” a disc that for over 2 years was pretty hard to escape. Of 12 songs there were six singles released to radio. It started a movement in rock and roll. It sold a crap load. It won awards, made her a household name but has the “other” songs on this record gone unnoticed? Lets look. This record will be 20 years old this June! Morissette would release this, her third studio record, after a hiatus

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - Of the 12 tracks 6 of them were released as singles and they charted pretty well both in the US and around the world. “All I Really Want” was actually the sixth single released (not to the US as a proper single, but still if found the radio). The buzzy and grungy guitar set the tone as Morissette attacks the vocals. The drums feel canned some, but there are layers of guitars to match the layers of vocals. “You Outta Know” was the lead off single and you know it, your mother knows it, your Grandmother knows it. Tossing in Navarro and Flea (not sure I ever knew this honestly) was a cool touch to bring even more credit with some bigger names at the time. It still stands up and a song many would ID right away with the sound of the 90s. “Perfect” is the first song you may have forgotten about. A much quieter and acoustic side of her and the band. The vocals do stand out as being solid and the mix is solid with the bass and drums seeming to fill out the space nicely. “One Hand in My Pocket” follows. The amazing thing about this is it reached #1 on US Rock Charts, but didn't even crack the Top 100 for the “Pop” chart. The liner notes are impressive, its just Morissette on vocals and harmonica with Ballard doing the guitars and keyboards. Another track you still hear fairly often. “Right Through You” is another one, not released as a single, and its curious to see a little bit more of a trend as to why. At the start is quiet, but by the chorus it has the urgency of the other tracks. Morrison has a solid bass line, the guitars are pretty rowdy, its really right at home. “Forgiven” is in the same boat. This record really could have been a set of singles to this point and fans would have ate it right up. “You Learn” was the fourth single and “Head Over Feet” was the 5th . They both charted in various countries, Might chart in one place, but not the other, then they'd flip flop. “Mary Jane” is a pretty song with her vocals really a highlight. She seems to hit ranges she didn't want to go down earlier on the record. The band is subtle, in no rush to get anywhere allowing her to shine. “Ironic” follows and is/was her biggest single ever (released as the 3rd single from the record). Charting all over the world and it was nominated for a Grammy award. “Not the Doctor” and “Wake Up” are the final two songs (listed) on the record. “Doctor” is very much like “You Outta Know” with her angst. Wake up is a bit more laid back, but still strong. “You Outta Know” appears again as track 13 and its just an alternative take on it. Buried a bit later is a hidden track called “Your House” which is an acapella track that is worth sticking around for.

Where are they now? - Morissette has had success on and off stage. She has been nominated for awards and won many. She released 5 studio albums beyond this, as well as an acoustic version of this very record on its 10th anniversary. She has appeared in Weeds, Nip/Tuck. Check out her website or wiki page and feel guilty you are not as busy as she!

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - Okay okay, as noted you are saying how the heck can a record that had six singles, some of which are still seemingly in heavy rotation and it sold 30+ million copies and awards “forgotten”. I get it, I agree even...but what brings you back around is some of the “other” things she did on this record.

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