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FDF Volume 3 Issue 341 - Franz Ferdinand - Self Titled

Album – Franz Ferdinand
Artist – Franz Ferdinand
Key Players – Paul Thompson – drums, percussion and backing vocals. Bob Hardy – bass. Nick McCarthy – rhythm guitar, vocals and keyboards. Alex Kapranos – lead guitar and lead vocals.
Produced By – Tore Johansson

Release Date – February 9, 2004

Overview – This is the debut album from Glasgow, Scotland band Franz Ferdinand. Formed in 2002 the band found almost immediate success. This album would debut on the UK charts at #3 (peaking in the US at 32). By the end of the year the album would awarded the “Mercury Prize” and go on to sell over three and a half million copies worldwide.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The albums 11 tracks come in under just 40 minutes in length. Opening with “Jacqueline” it finds Kapranos singing with just a solo acoustic guitar accompaniment but after a verse Hardy comes in hard on the bass and the band all takes off. It has a pop punk type feel with grinding guitars and bass and a frantic drum beat. It sets the tone for the record.  "Tell Her Tonight"   has a choppy guitar and vibe like a Talking Heads track, the bass swirls and the backing vocals are really solid. The big single from the record comes in  "Take Me Out" , which has the guitar chord opening and then a slow build for the first verse, that in the end comes up to a choppy guitar riff that folds in to a real fun track. You know it, you've heard it, you know why its a solid track.. The band keeps up the musical attack on “The Dark Of Matinee”. The band is effective in the method of playing hard, but calming down some when the vocals come in. The ebb and flow is a fun listen as it allows you to hear the instruments, and then the vocals, that are often times layered over one another. Piano is the key instrument at the start of “Auf Achse”, which layers the piano with keyboard before Hardy and Thompson start to move things. McCarthy and Kapranos then add their guitars, but the band seems a little more laid back on the delivery here, but don't let fool you as the band comes in on the attack for a short choral burst.. The band seems to find a niche in the attack of guitars and “Cheating on You” is no exception. Hardy works the bass line pretty hard as the others seem to be hell bent on fitting in as many quick riffs and strikes as possible. A rumbling ride at the mid point of the record. “This Fire” is another solid track with Kapranos in fine vocal form. The band is comfortable with their roles and they know when to go after it hard and then pull back. Hardy opens up “Darts of Pleasure” and we get the usual two guitar and drum attack and the track goes right in to “Michael” which keeps that same furious pace. “Come On Home” has a nice funky mood to it and really could be an album closer, but that is left to “40”. This track continues with the funky bass and back beat while the guitars match up well. The vocals are hushed at the start but its a song you'd find easy to sing along to. The tracks have all been just that perfect length, no filler found here.

Where are they now? - The band is still active in the studio and in a live setting. Their most recent studio album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action”was released in the summer of 2013.

FDF Overall Take/Was it worth Dusting Off? - Sure! I'll admit I was caught up in the buzz on this record and I recall liking it, but its nothing I had really gone to in the last few years. Its got some great hooks, the songs don't piddle along. Its a solid pop/rock record. It has a mod feel as well, like the Jam had. Overall it was worth the time to go back and check it, and perhaps I'll be rummaging the bins for their other records.

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