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FDF Volume 4 Issue 319 - Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic

Album – Fuzzy Logic
Artist – Super Furry Animals
Key Players – Huw Bunford – guitar, vocals, cello. Guto Pryce – bass. Cian Ciaran – keyboards. Dafydd Ieuan – drums, percussion. Gruff Rhys – vocals, guitar.

Produced By – Gorwel Owen and SFA

Release Date – May 20, 1996

Overview – This is the debut album from Welsh band “Super Furry Animals”. Formed in Wales in 1993 the band was largely a an offshoot of some techno bands the members had been in. Once formed they released a single and then an EP before releasing this record. It was well received by the critics and fans. They've gone on to tour the world and release 8 more studio albums. The album cover is a collection of photos of a Welsh drug smuggler Howard Marks who visited the band during the recording.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 12 song album opens up with “God! Show Me Magic” a track that has fuzzy guitar and driving guitars. The vocals are simple and it has a pop sensibility to it that keeps it fun and moving right along. “Fuzzy Birds” starts off a bit more mellow with just Rhys and a guitar before Ieuan starts the drums. There are layers of vocal harmonies and the Pryce bass line is fuzzy, but on point. “Something for the Weekend” keeps with the pop feel. For some reason new listeners might not expect the uptempo vibe that layer the vocals with Ciarans' keyboard and piano work. "Frisbee"  drives hard with the Bunford and Rhys guitar lines and the chanting call and response vocal runs. There are no solos, nobody gets the lone spotlight, instead the band gives you it all in layers that are satisfying even to the harshest of critics. We mellow out some as Rhys is all alone at the start of “Hometown Unicorn”. The band does join in, but keeps it pretty laid back. Rolling drums from Ieuan and big keyboard fills from Ciaran fill the sound and it adds to some of the urgency on the track. The quick bluesy guitar line is a nice change of pace too. “Gathering Moss” has an almost flamenco guitar style intro. Rhys has a bit of reverb on his voice to give it that booming feel, even though he is seemingly laid back. Again the layers of vocals add a unique sound and the keyboard playing holds court. “If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You” you'd almost expect to be a wild, rocking track, but it is surprisingly mid tempo with the guitar interplay a common focus. The piano adds additional fills and the drums are kept in check.  "Bad Behaviour"  has the buzzy poppiness of bands like Superdrag and Velvet Crush. The sing along chanting chorus will get you moving! The final few minutes of a loose jam are worth the time.  "Mario Man"  finds Ciaran playing a smooth piano line with Bunford giving some light guitar chords and Pryce tossing some bass line grooves. Ieuan rumbles across and the band locks in a groove with tripped out vocals. “Hangin' With Howard Marks” is a great uptempo rumble of a track. Good vocals and the guitars are tight with the drums. This is the band locked and loaded. “Long Gone” has more acoustic guitars and has a string section involved as well. We conclude with “For Now and Ever” sounds like a “bar closing” song, with a buzzy sing along sway back and forth type of feel. A solid and appropriate closer.

Where are they now? - The band has remained intact since this record. They are currently on hiatus.

FDF Overall Take – This record might take unfamiliar listeners off guard. I am not sure what one would expect when they see the bands name but I guess a suggestion is to think the opposite. Well structured tunes, layers of buzzy guitar and solid vocals harmonies make for a very solid and rewarding listen. It has made many “essential” lists for a reason. I think you'd be both happy AND surprised how much you like it and how good it really is. Well worth your time.

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