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FDF Volume 3 Issue 293 - Rachel's - Music for Egon Schiele

Album – Music for Egon Schiele
Artist - Rachel's
Key Players – Wendy Doyle – cello. Christian Frederickson – Viola. Rachel Grimes - piano
Produced By – Jason B. Noble and Rahel Grimes. Recorded live by Bob Weston

Release Date – February 20, 1996

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Sadly it was the passing of a band member, but also rumblings of new material being worked on.

Overview – Fromed in Louisville, Kentucky in the early 1990's the “Rachels” was actually started as a solo outlet. Jason Noble, who was in the band Rodan referred to his work as such. He'd slowly build collaborations with others and would work strings, pianos and percussion to form an unique style that was post rock meets chamber music. The band would rotate members, but a core of five persons would hold the band together.

What we have here is a soundtrack album for a live theater/dance production called “Egon Schiele”. It was produced by Stephan Mazurek and presented by the Itinerant Theater Guild at the University of Illinois Chicago during May 1995.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – Once I started listening to this I realized it would be hard to really break apart an album that has the “chamber music” feel as well as one that tells a story. First the tracks.
“Family Portrait”
“Egon & Gertie”
“First Self-Portrait Series”
“Mime Van Osen”
“Second Self-Portrait Series”
“Wally, Egon & Models In the Studio”
“Third Self-Portrait Series”
“Egon, Edith & Wally Meet”
“Egon & Wally Embrace and Say Farewell”
“Egon & Edith”
“Second Family Portrait”
Overall its a quiet and pretty collection of songs. Grimes piano work in particular seems to really stand out and its amazing to think this was recorded live, it sounds flawless. Please see overall take.

Where are they now? - Jason Noble passed away on August 4, 2012. Although the band is listed as active until 2012 it has been a few years since anything major has come from the band.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – I have never seen them live.

FDF Overall Take – Some of the reviews on sites are very mixed. Being one of the best chamber music/hybrid type collections to pretentious and lame. It is just a pretty and unique record. I don't really see it as “classical” though. There is something about it that just seems to take it out of that realm for me. Toss this on early morning, or late in the evening when the right people are around and you'll get some cool questions as to “who is this” as it really doesn't sound like you'd think or expect.

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Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

The album can still be bought in stores easy enough.  On line, try here

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