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FDF Volume 3 Issue 276 - Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

Album – So Tonight That I Might See
Artist – Mazzy Star
Key Players – David Roback- guitars. Hope Sandoval – vocals.
Produced By – David Roback

Release Date – September 27, 1993
What caused me to blow off the dust? - I have a co-worker that always tells the story that a college room mate would suggest to put this disc on when it was “bah-bang bang time”. It just makes me chuckle.

Overview – This is the second studio album from California based band “Mazzy Star”. Blending Alternative with “Dream Pop” and shoegaze the band would find its best commercial success with this record. It would peak at #44 on the Billboard top 100 charts. Mostly the creative partnership of vocalist Hope Sandoval and composer David Roback the band would struggle to gain widespread attention following this album. Coming off the million selling album they they'd release another major label record, but by then Sandoval was “begging” to be released from the label. They'd go on their first hiatus in 1997.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) – The 10 track 51 minute album opens with the bands most widely known track “Fade Into You”. A very quiet acoustic guitar is strummed while Sandoval begins to sing. Its a hushed, slow, quiet song. A late night track that sets the mood right. Just the slight percussive instruments accented with some piano to fill it out, but its really Sandoval that catches your attention. The guitars are more distorted as “Bells Ring” begins. The slow drum beat follows and Sandoval seems to be signing down a tunnel. It has a hollow/echo to it, but it works. The extended guitar solo later in the track is a nice unexpected twist. “Mary of Silence” has a slow rolling drum portion over some droning keyboard lines. It has a “goth” feel to it. Sandoval is very hushed on the track and Roback finds the buzz of his guitar too hard to resist and he does some longer, fuzzed out chords. The guitar is longer on the back end of the track playing off the keyboard and drum lines. We get just Sandoval and Roback as “Five String Serenade” gets underway. Only a light tambourine strike on the 4 count is heard outside the vocals and guitar. It has that 'coffeehouse” vibe to it. After the midway point we get nice blend of strings which adds to the track. By the mid way point we are still calm, but “Blue Light” has a little more of a bright guitar. Roback is not in any sort of hurry, but the guitar has a night tone to it before Sandoval begins to sing. One can't call this track really “uptempo” but this just feels different. Perhaps due to the guitar, or that Sandoval seems to open up a little more. A pretty track and finds Roback busier with his guitar than on any prior track. Wait, hold up...“She's My Baby” finds a dueling guitar. One an electric that is distorted and a an acoustic with a deep rich tone. Toss in some dobro and you can almost tap your feet (or clap your hands) to this one. It is nice to hear the band break out of the mold and spread out some. The haunting lyrics are still present, and the undertones of their sound, but its a really solid change. The acoustic guitar is bright once more as “Unreflected” gets underway. The guitars are nice. We get electric again on “Wasted” and the drums are a nice slow burn up as Roback tries to find his way (he can, but it just feels like a slow process to get things going). Sandoval has a bluesy snarl to her voice. This, again, is a nice touch. The band seems willing to try new things and keep it interesting. We get quiet again, using strings again on “In to Dust”. This is a simple and pretty track. We conclude the album with the title track “So Tonight That I Might See”. Slow drums and guitars crest at the the song begins to develop. Sandoval seems to speak the lyrics vs. sing and the guitar and drum seem to be locked in to the same groove of repetitiveness. The second guitar gets a little more busy and we slowly wind down with the drums and percussion.
Where are they now? - During the downtime Sandoval released a few solo albums. The band has since played a few live shows and are reported to have a full length album due in 2012.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) – Never saw the band live.

FDF Overall Take – There are some very pretty moments on this record. It is not a record I'd find many grabbing right away though. More a late at night, mood album. They duo find what they do well, and do it well. I'd like a smudge more variation in the tracks, but overall its a good solid listen.

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