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FDF Volume 1: Issue 63 : Buffalo Tom - Big Red Letter Day

Album - Big Red Letter Day
Artist - Buffalo Tom
Key Players - Tom Maginnis - drums/percussion, Chris Colbourn - bass guitar/occasional lead vocals, Bill Janovitz - guitars/lead vocals/piano
Produced By - The Robb Brothers, Buffalo Tom

Release Date - September 21, 1993

What caused me to blow off the dust?
- The band has released a new album and it was just time to go back and give some things a re-listen.

Overview - Buffalo Tom formed in Boston in the 1980's and have been quietly (at least in the USA) been releasing albums at their own comfortable pace. The core of the group has been constant for their tenure and this was the bands fourth full length album. In the Boston area the band has a rabid fan based but even that pales in comparison with the overseas fans, as the band would perform the main stages of many large European Festivals.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - Rich and full guitar open up "Sodajerk", which could be one of the most recognized Buffalo Tom songs. The track appeared on the sound track to the TV show "My So Called Life" and garnered a few fans that way. For a trio the band has a very full sound. The harmonies from Colbourn are terrific. The guitar has that 60's sound and the drums kept it all intact. The raspy solo Bill opens up "I'm Allowed", just he and guitar. Upon the second verse the rest of the band comes in. By the chorus the harmonies return and the band locks in to a more solid groove. Probably the most simple guitar line this side of a Ramones track is laid down on "Tree House" but this is one freaking hell of a Buffalo Tom track. Check it out in the down load. Simple chords, urgent vocals and a shit stomping back beat. Listen and prove me wrong. The comment box awaits your rebuttal. The band slows it down some with an acoustic lead "Would Not Be Denied". We are not quiet for long as "Latest Monkey" picks the rock right back up. There are some odd vocal effects on Colbourns vocals but it adds a unique touch. Speaking of, Chris takes the lead vocals on "My Responsibility". His voice is less gruff than Billys (not that billy has this major growl) but there is a little more range it seems in Chris. The band is really clicking on this track, and you can tell the years of playing together have paid of, they know what each is about to do. Even in a studio setting you feel like something changes direction, for the good, at a moments notice. "Dry Land", shows how good Buffalo Tom are in their element. The track is a genuine foot stomper, sing along type track. The music is not overly complex but its "full". Opening with a solo acoustic guitar "Torch Singer" follows and bounces happily along. The band is never over does it musically, they each realize the importance of their parts and how the sum of the parts make the whole. This track is a great example of the bands uniformity. Chris sings "Late at Night" as well. For the first time we hear some piano/organ work as well. "Suppose" is a genuine toe-tappin' track. The music is fun to listen to on this particular track, in so much as once it is done you will probably scan back to the start of the tune all over again. The album closes out with "Anything That Way". There is a great textured guitar and also, what sounds like lap-steel but there are no credits or indication in the liner notes one was played.

Where are they now? - Buffalo Tom is still active today. In early July 2007 they released "Three Easy Pieces" which is their 7th full length as well as first in nine years. During the down time the band members are involved in various side projects and Bill Janovitz is a real estate agent in the suburbs of Boston.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Being a "local" band can be taken for granted. Case in point is the first, and only time I saw the band live was May 2, 1996 at Avalon. My friend Jason was (and is) a super fan of the band and told me it was time to go see them live. We nested to the front "row/rail" and had our faces melted off. It was a great night. We were also introduced that night to a band called Superdrag and we became immediate fans of them as well.

FDF Overall Take - Casual fans may get the most satisfaction for the "A-Sides" collection that was released a few years back, but for a full studio album of work, front to back this is a terrific representation of the pop, power, and perfection of this criminally underrated Boston trio.

The bands official web site.
The band on myspace.
Decent fan site here.

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Tree House
My Responsibility

Both tracks taken from "Big Red Letter Day" which if you like, you can and should buy a copy of from here

Super special download offering..

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Buffalo Tom
October 15, 1995
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver B.C.

aka - Springfloor

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At 4:19 PM, Blogger Murgs said...

No "Taillights Fade"???

Oh, come on...


At 4:27 PM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

I am confused at your message. Tailights Fade is not on the cd,..or the bootleg. I am curious what your comment is in regard to.

At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bought this cd when I saw them on MSCL. Been a fan ever since.


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