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FDF Volume 1: Issue 55: Beth Orton - Trailer Park

Album - Trailer Park
Artist - Beth Orton
Key Players - Beth Orton vocals and guitars.
Produced By - Andrew Weatherall

Release Date - October 1996

What caused me to blow off the dust? - In some bizarre twist I saw her name mentioned at LEAST 3 times, on three different blogs, none of which are "music specific".

Overview - This is the solo debut album from Beth Orton. The particular release earned her nominations for two BRIT Awards (best British newcomer, best British female), and the Mercury Music Prize in 1997.

FDF Comments (aka the songs)
- "She Cries Your Name" fades up with violins and cello before a solo plucked acoustic guitar welcomes her voice. It should take about ten seconds to fall in love with her sound. This was the only "officially" released singe from the record. It was co-authored by William Orbit (he worked with Madonna on "Ray of Light). Its a pretty song that is lead by the acoustic guitar and Ortons voice really shines. The guitar and violins mesh well together as a cello fills in the sound as it begins to fade. "Tangent" follows and is one of the longest tracks on the record at just about 7 and a half minutes. "Don't Need a Reason" follows and the acoustic guitar work once more shines on the track. The vocals are strong and haunting, Beth has that power to move you and this track is a great example. "Live as You Dream" is the shortest track on the record at just under 3 minutes. Its got a very quick, vibrant feel, something we had not seen up to this point on the record. The tempo of the song is very similar to "Franklins Tower" from the Grateful Dead (for better or worse). If you are familiar w/the Dead and that sound, check out the download section and let me know if I am off base. The lyrics are delivered quickly and, as noted, the music follows suit. "Sugar Boy" has a slow intro of acoustic guitar and a clacking of drums. By the chorus a "fuller" sound grows but the vocals remain at the forefront. "Touch Me With Your Love" is one of the longer tracks on the record and opens with some keyboard, it slowly fades up and the vocals are spoken for a bit before Beth sings them. Musically is slow and has a haunting feel. Upon really listening to the lyrics in pans out to be a pretty song. The double bass work is great on the track as well. "Whenever" has a nice feel as mandolin and a dulcimer are played. Still its a strongly lead acoustic guitar track. Beth does a lot of pitch shifting on her vocals on this track that add a very nice touch. "How Far" is eight tracks in, and the first track to list an "electric guitar". It is not a driving over the top guitar part but your ears up to this point will be locked in to the acoustic, which is still present. It blends great with the piano on the track. "Someone's Daughter" is one of the strongest tracks on the record. Musically its the most fun track on the album. Your feet will be tapping and you'll probably grow a big smile as the song progresses, by the first chorus, if you have not heard Beth before, you will honestly wonder why you have never heard her. Outstanding track and the bass line just grooves. It is a perfect song for a sunny day (or any day really). The legendary and now infamous producer, Phil Spector was involved on "I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine". It is a far cry from what Spector was known for as a producer but none the less breathtaking. A true solo acoustic track feel the vocals are crisp and clear. How this song has not landed on some romantic comedy (or Grey's Anatomy) is beyond me. "Galaxy of Emptiness" is the 10 minute album closer and it starts off feeling like it will be an instrumental track. About 3:30 in there are some faint "do do's" and then about 3:45 she delivers the first lines. The song lacks somewhat of a direction and gets a little experimental. Listeners to this point may wonder why this was chosen, but it does close out the album.

Where are they now? Beth released Comfort of Strangers in the US in early 2006. She will be doing a tour during the month of July in the US. You can check out some tour dates on her official web site

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - Even working at a radio station in the Boston area that played Beth Orton's music (and her visiting the station on a few occasions while I was employed there) her live show is still something I have yet to bear witness to.

FDF Overall Take - Beth has been making music for well over ten years now and is "finally" starting to get some attention here in America. Her hardcore fans may disagree with that statement but she is far from a mainstream act. Deep down they love "knowing about her" but all of them would like to see her get the success she deserves. Most of her music you want to sit and take it in all by yourself. Its a perfect record to put on after most of the guests have left a party and you just want to hang out and chill. This is a perfect record to start with, and each of the following records offer great moments, each worth listening to again, or purchasing for continual spins.

Some links:
Official Site
Beth's Myspace Page
Beth Fan Page

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

*favor this week* the blog gets a good amount of hits but no comments. I know it sounds grovelling but I am curious, how did you find the blog? where are you from? do you like the songs, the content of what is done here. Is it too much, too little? just a few comments can also be critical it will only make it a better site to visit. Thanks.

*************MP3's REMOVED ON JULY 20,2007 1:50PM ET********************
She Cries Your Name
Live as you Dream
Someone's Daughter **my strongest suggestion**

All tracks taken from "Trailer Park" of which you can buy here
here and even here

This weeks bonus download:

Beth Orton
Sodre Teatern, Stockholm Sweden
September 19, 1999

This is an A+ sounding show. It might as well be commercially available.

This show has been removed...

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At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Beth Orton. I prefer the album 'Central Reservation' to this one, but they are both quite good. I love Someone's Daughter and Sugar Boy.

Nice pick.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous yourbiggestfan said...

Just saw her last year in Boston. This live show here sounds great. My fav song on this cd is "Pass in Time" - this version here is great too!! Sugar Boy is a great song too. Great to see this review... :)

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous yourbiggestfan said...

Pass in Time is actually on Central Reservation...both cds are awesome.

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous bobbystokes said...

she released a great four track ep with terry callier..... i saw her at glastonbury (1999?) and she was ace....

check out william orbit's 'water from a vine leaf'

At 11:27 AM, Blogger March to the Sea said...

bobbystrokes - i'd love to see her live, more in a theater setting though, less beer bottles and more listening.

thanks for the comment.


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