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FDF Volume 2 Issue 187 - 311 - 311

By: March

Album - 311
Artist - 311
Key Players - Count SR - vocals/dj. P.Nut - bass. Timothy Mahoney - guitar. Chad Sexton - drums, percussion. Nicholas Hexum - vocals, guitar
Produced By - Ron Saint Germain

Release Date - July 25, 1995

What caused me to blow off the dust? - I actually wanted to do their debut, but couldn't seem to track it down. I have it, just can't find it.

Overview - This is the bands proper major label debut. It is called by many "The Blue Album". The band had a string of early albums do rather well sales wise and this record would catapult the band into the collective conscience of fans around the word. This album would go on to sell over 3 million copies.

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - Opening with "Down" (a track that still gets heavy radio play) the buzzy guitar sets the tone, and the slap happy drums from Sexton are high in the mix. 311 has sort of a trade mark piccolo snare snap to all their tunes. By the verse the band uses not quite call and response, but offer the vocal blending of Hexum and Count SR. The bass and guitars fire as one to lead to a quick stop before the verse resumes. Sexton's rat a tat drums start up "Random" and the buzzy guitar comes in, but is layered with a second guitar that rings over the top. The bass and drums seem to work in tandem pushing the Hexum rapped lyrics forward. SR and Hexum work in good tandem giving the hiphop/rap rock tune its push. The bass chugs heavily on "Jackolantern's Weather" and after a funky intro the guitar chops in and the lyrics come out at a machine gun pace. Another radio staple is "All Mixed Up" which starts with sort of a funky radio being tuned, and then a funky, beach bum, sounding guitar. It is the most laid back track (at the start) we have heard so far. Come the chorus the guitar gets a little heavier and the bass gets a neat "snog" to it as the rapped lyrics are bounced around. Its a perky, great single. "Hive" sounds a little more raw, than some of the others. The style of the music is similar to what you are used to,but the lyrics seem to be as fast as they've been on the record. The band doesn't seem to break out of their mold and comfort zone, but it fits the style so you don't mid so much. The track title is also key to fans, as they can join the bands fan club simply called "The Hive". You can hardly tell the switch in to "Guns (Are for Pussies)" which jumps right out at you. It has the fast rock/rap feel and the band tosses in some background noise from time to time to mix things up. A more "deep" guitar starts up "Misdirected Hostility" meaning it seems to have more of a bass tone to it. It doesn't do a lot, and sorta feels played out honestly. The band changes a little direction on "Purpose" but still stick with what works. Slapping drums and buzzy guitars. "Loco" has the same vibe as the prior track. "Brodels" has a slower tempo, but is still in the same vein as the bands bouncy self. Another big single from the record was "Don't Stay Home" which is a fun romp of just the right blend of the guitar and drums. The chorus is a little more bouncy, and lighter not locking in to this pushy forced vocal delivery. As the song heads towards the end the vocals are pushed a little more, looking for some harmonies which is a touch we haven't really heard on the album. There is a fun instrumental break down as well that adds a nice touch. "DLMD (Don't Let Me Down)" is one of the only tracks that starts right away with vocals as the band comes in. They are aggressive vocally on this, but are much more "ska" based on the track "Sweet". It has the guitar ring of a ska tune, but no horn section. The album closes with the rocker "T & P Combo". The band is locked in to a tight groove and the drums really seem to slap. The guitars run the frets and the bass just keeps it all in check. A decent album closer.

Where are they now? - The band is still together with these same members. They have released nine studio albums and continue to tour.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - In checking, I've actually never seen them live, which sort of surprises me.

FDF Overall Take - It is not bad, but when you listen to more than one song you realize the band doesn't get very creative. They sort of lock in to that same slap drum and buzzy guitar. It is not terrible in doses (a song or two) but it just gets almost annoying 6-7 songs in a row. Feel very much like "rinse-lather-repeat" for the duration of the record, you almost are begging to hear them do "something more".

The band's official site as well as myspace.

Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Don't Stay Home

Tracks taken from the album "311" that you can buy here.

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