Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some changes to this lowly little blog....

Good Afternoon:

In recent days blogger has once again cracked down on the posting of mp3's to "blogger" sites. I won't dive in to it too much, basically, if an mp3 is found on a blogger page it can "violate terms of use" and blogger will remove the post.

Not only posts, but entire blogs.

You can imagine the frustration of writing something, posting it, then all of a sudden it is gone like it was never there.

You can read a little about the story here. Many of the blogs were/are far bigger than this one.

I'll play nice.

What does this really mean? Well for now, I will post links to "legal" streams if you will. Lala, myspace, Last FM. The music on my site was only to ever give you an idea of what a band is like. Since discs were "forgotten" chances are you owned, heard, still play the cd anyway. It was just something more to do and add to the sites appeal.

I could create my own real "www" site but I am about as tech savvy as nothing.

I appreciate your patience, and any and all feedback is welcome. The comment fields are far too lonely around here for the # of downloads that were coming off the site.

Should be a new post this week, just a smidge different. At least for now.



At 10:31 AM, Blogger Alex said...

You'd think the music industry would be in favor of people who actually promote music in ways that lead to more sales.

But then again, the industry has been on a decade-long death march to the sea, so nothing they do now is surprising. It's sad to those of us who love music...


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