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FDF Vol 1 Issue 91: Goldfinger - Goldfinger

Album - Goldfinger
Artist - Goldfinger
Key Players - John Feldmann - vocals and guitar, Charlie Paulson - guitar, Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer - drums and vocals, Simon Williams - bass and vocals
Produced By - Jay Rifkin and John Feldman

Release Date - February 27, 1996

What caused me to blow off the dust? - Many of the music news web pages I frequent have had banners up for the newest Goldfinger record. I was reminded of them due to these messages. (good advertising, at least to get me to recall the band)

Overview - The 14 track debut from Goldfinger appeared at the right time. The so called "third wave of ska" was back in full swing. The band embraced some of the vibe of that sound, but with a harder edge. The band would get a little notoriety on college and rock radio for "Here in your Bedroom".

FDF Comments (aka the songs) - With a resonating guitar note and then drum sticks clacking off 4/4 time the band if then off to the races on "Minds Eye". The guitars, drums and bass all have very ska punch. The most notable is the punch off the snare drum. We are off to the races. No track on this cd exceeds 4 minutes in length, most are about 2 minutes 30 seconds. The band gets in, gives the hooks and gets out. It is sort of a rinse lather repeat mantra..but its fun for the 2-3 minutes. "Stay" has a more grinding guitar and the vocals are slowed down a little. The bass fills out the bottom nicely and the drum maintains the steady punch. The first single to radio was "Here in Your Bedroom" and its a very catchy song. Listeners might hear some Sublime or other bands of the sun soaked ska rock. The verses are a little restrained but come the chorus the band really opens up. "Only a Day" has a lot more a punk feel with the drums really steering the band, and even tossing in some ride cymbal clangs to the mix. Personally I find the chorus great. The longest track on the cd "King for a Day" follows. Members of Reel Big Fish help out with the horns and a keyboard slowly brings things up. The song falls in to a smooth, relaxed vibe. As the song gets to about the 2:30 mark the band unloads one more. The horns are lost but the core members fire the riffs at machine gun speed. The song actually fades out rather than having an abrupt end. The track "Anxiety" has a great pop punk feel with a sing along chorus that gets fists pumping. "Answers" starts off slower with a swooping and punched bass line before the horn section comes over the top. The Reel Big Fish guys offer up backing vocals as well. "Anything" continues the same formula with hard hitting drums pushing the other members along collectively. Another single released to radio was "Mable". It would fit on rock radio even today. Everyone knows their role in the band, and they might not be virtuosos they click together and that can speak bounds. Crunched down bass opens "The City With Two Faces" and we are speeding right along. The vocal tracks are gruff and the track is one of the faster on the cd. The comical "My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks" follows with a mellow guitar intro. It has a laid back vibe at the outset. It is sort of a silly throw away song honestly. "Miles Away" brings us back to what we have perhaps fallen in love with to this point. Quick, punchy and to the point. Check for yourself in the download section We don't even slow down as "Nothing to Prove" takes off. If you were not watching the numbers on your cd player change it would almost mesh as a second wave of verses on the song. A good and bad thing perhaps but it had me fooled. Listed on the cd the final track is "Pictures" which once more has the return of the horns. The bass opening makes way for a lighter guitar over the top. There is a cooler instrumental break down with the bass and guitar feeding off one another. As noted that was the last song listed but a track called "Phonecall" is next. Its a phone call where two members talk about a classified ad looking for band members. Its sort of odd....right when they talk about moshing on heroin or on 12 hits of acid..sort of funny. A smooth bass intro opens "Fuck You and Your Cat" with some vocal harmonies, but before long we are rip roaring right along. It is a decent end cap to the cd.

Where are they now? As noted Goldfinger has a new record due out in 2008 (April 22nd in the USA). The band has almost remained intact, losing Simon Williams after the second release and Charlie Paulson, who would later return. During this time Feldman has worked as a producer with everyone from the Used to Hilary Duff.

FDF Personal Comments (aka the Live experience) - I only saw the band live one time and I am not officially sure of the date. I'd have to say the early 96 at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. They played with Reel Big Fish who I liked a great deal at the time as well. Possibly January 25th? I wish I had the ticket stub.

FDF Overall Take
If you are "in the mood" ska music, and this version of it can be a lot of fun. Its nice to visit once and a while.


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Curious? Check out some MUSIC!

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Here in Your Bedroom
Mind's Eye
Miles Away

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At 1:12 AM, Blogger Ello said...

Ok - I did not know them at all but I checked them out and I'm not hating it. In fact, I can see how if you keep listening they can really grow on you.

Seriously, you do the best music posts!

At 1:40 AM, Blogger JamieSmitten said...

Miles Away is a regular track on my mix cds. Check out their cd of cover songs called Darren's Coconut Ass, if you haven't already.

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