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FDF Volume 1 Issue 10: Ride - Going Blank Again

Album: Going Blank Again
Artist: Ride
Key Players: Mark Gardener - guitar and vocals
Andy Bell - guitar and vocals.
Loz John Colbert -drums
Stephen Queralt - bass
Produced by : Alan Moulder
Release Date: March 9, 1992

Overview: Going Blank again is the second album from the British band Ride. Formed in the late 80's they'd grow to become synonymous with the term "shoegazing" (the UK Fad before "britpop"). Although they never amassed chart success they were darlings to the critics and the fans smart enough to listen to them. The band got a record deal after a run of supporting gigs for the Soup Dragons in 1989. The band broke up in 1995 while recording their final album. Creative tensions between Bell and Gardener are sighted as the reasons.

FDF Comments aka The Songs: (trying not to do each one)
The opening track "Leave them All Behind" (at an epic 8+ minutes long) really sets the tone of this release. A drum and bass intro repeating the same line then 2 guitars come in and swirl over your head. The bass is locked in keeping everyone where they need to but the drums fills add a great touch. When the vocals do come in they are breathy and you can be taken right to a smoky club with the lights swirling all around you. The song has such a head bobbing chug to it you suddenly realize its reaching its climax and the band just steps in to overdrive. The drums get harder and even more accented, the guitars tandem off one another all the while the bass just holds you to the same groove that got your head bobbing the transition to Twistarella is just perfect. Twistarella has the sound and feel, perhaps, of a left over Stone Roses song. If I were ever to try to get someone in to this band (using just this cd) I'd play these two songs right in order. Twistarella has less of a "shoegaze" feel giving you a nice representation of the bands sound. Chrome Waves opens with some acoustic guitar and some synths to add some ambience. The acoustic makes its return a few times during the song making it feel like it really had a place in the song and not lead to confuse the listener. Mouse Trap rewards you at the midway point of the record. It returns you to the ride of the fist 1,2 tracks. Almost made up lyrics at first the song just kicks full force about half way in and never lets up. Cool Your Boots is one of those songs that grabs your attention, you are trying to do something and you will just stop to listen. Its rare, but when it happens you wonder if anyone else has ever "gotten it" with you. OX4 closes out the collection of 10 songs

Where are they now: Andy Bell is now the bass player for Oasis. He had formed a band called "Hurricane #1" but that band released a single record and Andy went to Oasis. Mark Gardener is also now pursuing a solo career. Loz Colbert has also started playing in a band again - not as drummer, but as guitarist and vocalist.
Stephen Queralt has kept a low profile. The few things I have read about him haven't been updated in ages. He tried to launch a record store but otherwise even his former band mates are not sure what he is up to.

In October of 2001 all four members were filmed for a Sonic Youth documentary. The 30 minute jam of this, plus 2 short sound check songs were released in 2002
There have also been rumors that Bell and Gardener are on somewhat of a mend but fear the expectations of a reunion would never live up to expectations.

FDF Personal Comments: The band only played 3 local shows to me. One in Providence and 2 in Boston at the Paradise. I saw them one time only. June 19, 1992 was the date. I was very interested in a young lady and begged her to go to the show with me. She finally said yes and we were treated to quite and evening with Ride. They were everything I had hoped for after hearing Going Blank Again. There was smoke, and lights along with the swirling guitars. My night ended outside the venue with said lady friend and a stranger coming up to her and asking "You are not really with him are you?". Kick ass moment shattered in a Ralph Wiggum like moment. For the record she is NOT Mrs March.

FDF Overall take - This is one of those cds that when I listen to it I wonder why i don't play it once a week. The early 90's for me personally was a strong time for music. You had harder "grunge" rock but also, if you looked, really great UK bands. Hands down my favorite era of music.


At 11:00 AM, Blogger cosmic shambles said...

The early 90's were a great time for British bands... Verve, Stone Roses, Charlatans, Ride, Happy Mondays. Too bad America never caught on.


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